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Video of arrest sparks investigations


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    He had warrants out for petty theft and DUI.
    Nothing like bringing attention to yourself, huh ?


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        The white officer listed in his report that he punched the suspect because the suspect grabbed his balls.

        According to the story I am hearing, the officer made that report before the video was known about.

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          Is there a supplement report out there? I didn't see anything about the nut grab in this one. I'd love to verify that one.

          The report was written on the 6th. The general public got wind of it on what, around the 8th?


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            I heard it on a radio program, and I saw a link, but don't remember where. Sorry.


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              Oh, OK.


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                How do I view the video? When I go to the story, all I get is a couple of video tapes of the attorney and an incident in Oklahoma. What am I doing wrong.


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                  Do I condone that officer punching that suspect like he did? No.

                  Do I understand what maybe compelled that officer to do what he did? Absolutely.

                  Have I been in such a situation before? Many times.

                  I still have an aluminum clipboard that bears a skull print in it. Was doing a field interview on this guy, when he decided to freak out on me, and grab for my throat. WHAP! He was on his butt that fast, and seeing stars for a minute or two.

                  I have had to restrain myself a lot of times from beating someone's few brains into scrambled eggs; those bozos who will not shut the hell up, and won't quit resisting in spite of the odds against them. Had to hog tie one, and sit on him, and he still put up a fight! Why we didn't just knock him cold, I'll never know.

                  But, in this day and age, you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
                  Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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                    I seen the tape while at work today during a break. And i read the police report. In no way does this make me an expert. But,

                    I seen nothing about the private parts being grabbed on his report. I am confused why the suspect was handcuffed and surrounded by at least 4 officers whom are highly trained and according to the police report the suspect was under control according to Officer Morse. The why would he feel the need to punch him. I think the suspect provoked him and Officer Morse lost his temper. He needs to be dealt with like any other employee who screws up. I think the only way he should be fired is if there is a history of violent behavior on his part in past instances. I don't believe it was a racial thing at all. I do think in order for someone to get paid it will turn racial no matter what. I do think that in the day and age of video taping. And all people know that no matter what, if there is a comotion anywhere. People will start to crowd around and then comes video. Which means that in order for someone to not have to justify every action they need to always work like someone is videotaping them. Then nothing can be misconstrued into something its not.

                    Which leads me to another question. I was reading another topic on the forum about this same subject and someone mentioned assualt with a deadly weapon (the car)was what they want to charge Officer Morse with. If you are an officer and you are trained in the form of defense tactics and other forms of weapons and the such. Can you be charged with, "assault with a deadly weapon" meaning your hands because you are trained so well in the academy?

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                    "To each his own"


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                      His lawyer was just on with Connie Chung and the lawyer said the perp grabbed the nuts.


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                        ADW with the car is ridiculous. If the officer had tried to run over the guy ok but a slam into the car does not make the car a weapon.
                        Bill R


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                          [ 07-11-2002: Message edited by: Krmptss ]


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                            some days i wonder how much of better world thid would be if lawyers where not as good at there jobs as they are. i persoanlly do not think it was racially motavated, how ever the force seen just from the video was too much, but takeing what i read on the report from officer that some resistance did take place, however perhaps he did go a little to far, but nothing that i think should result in his fireing. it looks to me like he lost his cool, and went overboard, it happens to all of us sometimes. that doesn't make it right. but to err is human after all.

                            farther up in this post masai wanted some info on handcuffed resisting report and thing of the matter, my brother works corrections for the county here, i will talk to him and see what he can get for you. but i can't garentee anything


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                              Let me wade in here. I have not watched the original video. I have read the newsbrief that was posted on's home page sideboard about the videographer getting arrested re: unrelated charges. I have yet to see or hear any of the jousting lawyers from either side of this.

                              IF one, or more, of the officers involved in the original arrest can NOT justify their use-of-force vis-a-vis the actions or attempts towards them by the suspect that was being arrested by them, then yes, they must be punished, either by internal discipline, criminal process and/or civil action.

                              HOWEVER, if the suspect continued to actively resist arrest, despite a large number of officers present, then the officers' actions are justifiable and the suspect must likewise face criminal and/or civil action.

                              Things can happen in the heat of the moment, even by the most well-trained, highly-regarded, level-headed LEO/PO that any Agency employs. However, as long as that/those officer(s) is/are initially acting lawfully and reasonably, the suspect(s) has/have NO justification for fighting with the officer(s), and drawing her/him/them further into a fight. That MAY mean that both the suspect(s) AND the officer(s) may face punishment of some sort.

                              Most civilians have never been, nor will ever be there, when those decisions HAVE to be made by someone.

                              Let's keep the discussion civilized kids!
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                              "Smile" - no!


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                                Originally posted by MikeTx:
                                His lawyer was just on with Connie Chung and the lawyer said the perp grabbed the nuts.
                                just trying to get the facts straight...the perp's lawyer said this, right?


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