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    Ok, it finally happened. My first speeding ticket. I got hit coming around a blind curve just after where the limit drops from 45 to 40. I had cruise control set on 50. However, the officer told me she clocked me at 59 I know this can't be the case seeing as how I had my cruise control set. Anyways, I'm gonna go to the place today and register for defensive driving so the insurance won't go up.

    On a side note, you would all be proud of me. It was "yes ma'am, no ma'am", hands on the steering wheel until she had approached, and I told here I was going to reach into the glovebox for the insurance.

    Oh well, I guess I'm just a normal teenager now. At least that's what my mom said


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    Everybody speeds at least one time in their life. It's just a matter of getting caught. Just don't make a habit of it, young man!


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      Kyle, go get your speedometer clibrated. Just because you had the cruise set at 50 (according to your speedo), it doesn't mean that it's accurate.

      Sorry about your luck, but glad to hear you were as polite there as you are here!


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        Originally posted by kd5hqd:
        I know this can't be the case seeing as how I had my cruise control set.
        It's not uncommon for speedometers to be off by as much as 5mph. Add that to a tolerance range of +/-2mph allowed for radar and you almost have your 9mph that you mentioned.

        You're lucky you didn't get checked at an even higher speed. It's either 20 or 25 over where you get exempted from taking DDC, no community service, no deferred, no nothin'. It's just max fine and an entry that stays on your DL for a long time.
        "Trust me. I'm from the government, I'm here to help."


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          WHEN I run radar, my radar(verified before shift) indicates MY speedometer is as much as 7mph OFF...and it's SUPPOSSEDLY calibrated(certified).

          Your speedometer was off by 9mph? Hmmmm....any HIGH VOLTAGE power lines or hospitals in the IMMEDIATE area?

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            I recently got a warning from a very polite State Trooper who said I was following him at 10 over the limit (75 in a 65). My speedo only said 4 over (69 in a 65, still fast, I know). I was shocked, because even I'm not dumb enough to follow a cop doing 10 over

            But honestly, I trust the cop more than my own car, so I've been taking it even easier with the speeds lately.

            Hey, better than my first ticket last year, on the way to my wedding....70 in a 45...what a blockhead I am
            I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle


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              Cruise control does not limit your speed to where it was set. It merely keeps you in that range. If you were on a slope you'd have possibly crept up in speed.
              I hear the cruise control excuse all the time. Also, if you've changed tire/rim sizes it will affect your speedometer.


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                The only thing I can think of was I recently had the car in the shop to have the wheels realigned and the tires rotated.

                NcTrooper - The place where I got caught was a slight uphill coming off of a flat area, so I doubt it was that. But, I do know what you mean.



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