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Paranormal experiences....?


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  • Paranormal experiences....?

    Ever had one?

    I've experienced MAJOR cases of 'deja vu', and my mom has had numerous 'freaky' experiences(she REFUSES to stay alone in my uncle's someone died there. It was built in 1966 by my uncle, but before...? It's located on a TN River bluff.)

    ANYway....ever experienced anything that defies 'normal' explanation?
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    Originally posted by shooter1201:
    ANYway....ever experienced anything that defies 'normal' explanation?
    Ohhh Ohhh...I'm going to come back to this's crazy at work today!!!!!!


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      I have had lots of Deja vu before but thats about it , and I dont know what to make of all that either i might add.

      P.S. Shooter , like the CSA on your location , good idea!
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        Pesonally, no but my sister told of a bunch that she experienced when she and her husband lived in my childhood home after my parents and I moved out.

        There was a tree in the front yard, a little spruce or some kind of evergreen. It never got any higher than about 4 feet. It's bother(for lack of a better word), bought and planted at the same time, was well over 6 feet.

        The little one is where all of the family pictures were taken. A neighbor's daughter died before she was a teen and was a friend of my sisters'. She was also in a bunch of the pictures. The tree stopped growing after she died and never got taller than she was.

        The same girl mentioned above used to play with my sisters in the attic with their Barbies. She had a habit of holding a Barbie shoe in her mouth. My sister never could find a complete pair of shoes.

        Foot steps were also heard in the attic where the Barbie stuff was.

        She also used to wake to the smell of coffee. She and her husband never drank it. Hell, they didn't even have a coffee pot! When I was growing up there, the neighbors used to come by for coffee in the evening and them and my parents would sit on the front porch while the kids played spotlight or anything else.


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          I've heard the theory that we're born knowing everything that will ever happen to us but that knowledge is stored in the subconscious. One way to explain deja vu. If you read accounts of near death experiences a common theme is the feeling of "having been there before."



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            I had one once. We were driving down the road late at night, on a trip, and started noticing things that looked out of place. Road signs and things like that appeared to be from a different time period, in the past. Old cars that looked like they belonged in a museum were parked along the road and the buildings, well the buildings all that 1930's look to them.

            The few people we saw were wearing funny looking clothes that didn't fit well, funny looking hats that went out of style years ago, and a few folks were riding horses.

            It was really weird, and I was starting to freak out until my wife told me that we were just in Oklahoma.

            Seriously, my wife has had several. She claims to have seen the "floating lady" in South Texas, more than once. And she claims to have seen the ghost of her dead husband. It's more complicated than this, but she really doesn't like to talk about it so I can't ask her.

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              This is a really freaky thing that happened to my mom when she was a kid. Scared the hell outa me when she first told me it. I posted it online.

              Here's the story
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                On 2 separate occasions...the deaths of my owl flew across my path 3 days before each one died. Funny.....I never knew owls liked flying in broad daylight.

                Now my MOM.....if she dreams of someone dying...believe it. It HAPPENS. If she gets a BAD FEELING about something....BELIEVE her. It happens.

                Strange......take with a grain of salt.
                "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
                -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                  I was raised mostly by my Grandma. At the time she died, 225 miles away from me, I woke up wide awake from a sound sleep, perfectly alert. I never told anyone.


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                    Being raised a country boy, I tend to spend a lot of time in the woods, hunting, hiking, camping....scouting for, know.

                    On SEVERAL occasions, particulary where I am now(edge of Shiloh Civil War battle field), I've encountered what *I* call dead zones.

                    In these places, the temperature will be 20-30* colder than the surrounding air...and the feeling I get when I encounter one is down right chilling, for lack of a better word.

                    My dad laughs and says I've stumbled across and unmarked soldier's grave......
                    "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
                    -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                      I had a dream of one of my friends dying in a car wreck.I didnt know who it was , I just knew that it was one of the friends I eat out with every New Years Eve.. The thing I remember most was that several people were dressed in jeans at the grave sight.
                      I told my wife and she laughed and said that none dresses in jeans to bury the dead. Actually,in the few Ive been to everyone was pretty well dressed up. I kinda dismissed it as just that...a dream.

                      A week later,on New Years Eve , we noticed that one of the eight couples that we eat out with every year didnt show up. About 9 oclock, we get a call saying that so and so's wife and 8 year old daughter were killed in a carwreck.
                      Apparently , her car hit a puddle in the road and hydroplaned right off a of a mountain.
                      The husband was in such grief that he didnt attend the funeral. While we were about the leave the gravesight, him and a few of his friends strolled up, all of them wearing jeans.My wife freaked.

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                        Ok...most of ya know I'm a bit of a weird girl, yer really gonna think so after you read this post.

                        Anywho, I've been seeing and feeling stuff all my life. After my grandfather died, I stayed with my memaw to finish out fifth grade while my parents went to Colorado. Gramps (who gave me the name Piper) used to get up around midnight for cereal. I saw gramps on a number of occasions sitting at the table, just to let me know he was ok.

                        Other things I have experienced have been actual phyical things happening. There was a house my husband and I lived in that was broken into apartments, we were the only ones living there at the time and I used to smell this "maple" smell. It came from nowhere...almost like in the middle of the room. We just kind of enjoyed it, as it didn't seem harmful and it smelled kinda nice. Imagine my shock when we moved into our new apartment and we smelled the SAME SMELL.

                        Other thing in our "new" old place, I have felt the sensation of hands around my neck and what appears to be like a shadowy dust cloud. I can hear things at times as well. I've been startled awake hearing my name, and it sure wasn't the husband or dog as they were sound asleep.

                        I better stop while I'm ahead...someone that does BI's and the hiring might think I'm a fruitcake.


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                          I was driving from Monroe, LA to Alexandria, LA this past weekend when the wierdest thing happened. I was driving south on U.S. 165, not paying any particular attention to anything, just kinda lost in my own little world. I was by myself, and I didn't have my radio on. I started to get this verse from a song stuck in my head, and I couldnt get it out. The verse was "take a look ahead", from the song "more than a feeling"... I think. Anyway, I just happened to look ahead around the car that was in front of me, and a car coming the opposite way was crossing the center line heading straight for me. I swerved so hard that my tires were squalling really loud and my 2 passenger tires went off the road. The oncoming car never swerved, it just kinda drifted back over well after I had passed it. Thats when it hit me.... the line "take a look ahead" that was in my head probably saved my life. Freaky as hell, and yes, I do believe in God.
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                            I was driving from Monroe, LA to Alexandria, LA

                            Is that the little 2 lane highway that takes like 2 hours to drive because the speed limits like 30 almost all the way?
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                              Originally posted by Watchman:
                              I told my wife and she laughed and said that none dresses in jeans to bury the dead. [ 07-09-2002: Message edited by: Watchman ]
                              I take part in 6-15 funerals every Tuesday and you'd be shocked and probably appaled at what some people wear to funerals. Dirty T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, all kinds of stuff.

                              My only "paranormal" experiance is what I call "pipe dreams". I don't think that's a real term for them but... They're dreams where I "see" the future. Only little, random bits. And it's never been anything major. Just random things like, I dreamt that I was in the hallway, near a laundry room, trying to figure out where something was. It turned out that this hallway was in a barracks in Pensacola FL, that I had never been to and that I had no idea that I was ever going to. Somebody had stolen some of my laundry and I was trying to figure out what happend to it. It was wierd because it was the exact same situation in the same place I saw in my dream. Stupid irrelevant occurance but that's the kind of thing I dream...
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