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That's a Ford at the Door!


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  • That's a Ford at the Door!

    About 2:30 am, this morning a small Ford came barreling down an access road and failed to make a left turn. He left over a 100 feet of skidmarks, leaping over a curb, continued sliding straight-on another 100 feet down a sloping lawn and finally cane to a stop, with just enough force to 'bump' my front door

    My wife opens the door, thinking someone knocked, she sees nothing but the front end of a car one foot away; the driver and passenger are still sitting inside the car (with big cow eyes ).

    The driver backs off, peels away back onto the street and is gone in the night. Tulsa PD drives by, but not much they can do and only the lawn is slightly damaged.

    This am I drove along the street where I can easily see the tire marks (one tire had been reduced to the rim), and within 3 blocks I locate the Ford; that dude had only made it 3 blocks from my apartment before running over more curbs, and is now setting (even now ) with a smashed transmission cover, two front tires flattened, and the front tires are leaning inward too.

    Sometimes these things work out by themselves. Knock-Knock

    Jim Burnes

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    Ya gotta love it! Jim I'm glad there was little or no damage and that no one in your family was injured!
    6P1 (retired)


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      Glad you are all alright. We lived on a "dead man's curve" type of street in San Antonio and actually had a car crash through the window/wall into the living room once. Superbowl Sunday...I was sitting in my chair watching the thing I knew a car ran over my coffee table and spilled my beer. I was not happy. It was a rental house and no one was hurt...except the driver...not from the initial accident...these things happen.


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