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Crying over a car? Whats up with that? :(


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  • Crying over a car? Whats up with that? :(

    Man oh man.... I couldn't believe I actually had tears in my eyes as I finally got my car taken away. Its going to the Kidney Foundation Charity branch but it really got to me when her wheels went up on the tow thing.

    I had her (Samantha) for 11 years and she was the best car I had. Almost 250,000kls and I only gave her up because I couldn't do long trips with her much anymore. WOW, 11 years of my life we went driving together... she knows a lot of secrets!

    sniff sniff...

    Anyone else ever felt bad giving up a car?

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    absolutely not. Yet.
    "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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      Both of my last two cars i was very sad to see go. they represented two important passages in my life, and yes they went thru alot with me [Wink]

      The 4-Runner i just traded in in March, was a 1992 i had bought new. Before that i had a Supra i had bought new, and kept 11 years.

      Yes, i do love my new truck now. But it was hard letting go
      "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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        I have a 1967 Ford LTD with a 390 engine that my grandmother gave me years ago. She had driven it for years. I remember going places in it with her when I was little. I was fixing it up, but then I decided to go off to college to get educated. Not being any good mechanically, I was having to pay other folks to do the work. I haven't been able to anything with it for years. Now it's just falling apart. I have somebody that wants to buy it.

        I just can't decide what to do with it. I hate to see it fall apart, but I'm having a HARD time letting it go.
        "Integrity is like virginity. Once it's lost, you can't get it back." --drunkhunter


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          The only time I miss my old car, is when the payment book for the new one shows up in the mail [Frown]


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            Oh yes, I miss Betsy, my 70 Torino. I just loved that car. But she bled to death (oil) and we had no money to fix her. I cried when they towed her away. [Frown]


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              I went through 4 cars in 4 years, I'm on the fifth one as we speak, and it has lasted the longest of all the cars I have owned, going on about eight years!

              First car was a Pontiac I was 16. I payed a cool grand for it and drove it for about a year until I wrecked it. Obviously I only had liability insurance, so I wasn't gonna pay out of pocket to get the car repaired when I could get another hooptie cheaper then the repair bill.

              So I bought a Mustang for 1100, and it was the biggest piece of schidt I have ever owned, the only thing that worked reliably on the car was the manual window crank on the passengers side, and a girlfriend broke it. I totalled it within a year of it's purchase. Same story, I only had liability, so I went out and bought another car.

              Then I got a Nissan four door with 230,000 miles on it. I payed $300.00 for it and it still ran decently. The power windows still worked and the car was in good condition, had a pretty good factory stereo in it too, and the AC worked like a charm. The only problem with it was that it could not go up any sort of incline, the car just didn't have the power, I even had trouble getting out of my driveway, so I ended up parking on the curb, facing down hill. But when I got her on flat pavement she would top out at 60 mph, and that was only on a good straight away! After I put about 8,000 miles on it something went horribly wrong with the valves, and I wasn't gonna put any money into it. I ended up giving it to this poor guy who was doing yard work for a friend of mine, he didn't have a car and needed one bad. I even payed the towing bill to get it to a mechanic who fixed it for him. As far as I know he is still driving it today. Despite the slow speed and the fear of hitting a really large hill and rolling backwards down it to my death, I still kind of miss that car, it had character!

              The next day I went out and bought another Pontiac, it had about 150,000 miles on it when I got it. The car was decent, still looked presentable and didn't scream "borderline homeless". I drove it for a little over a year. Went to the grocery store one day and tried to back out of the parking spot and couldn't, reverse was gone! I drove it like that for about a week, and let me tell you, you never realize how much you use the reverse gear until it's gone. I ended up pushing it out of parking spots a few times. Finally one day none of the forward gears would work either. I ended up selling it for scrap.

              By this time I had a pretty good chunk of change saved up and I was 21, so I decided to go out and get a good automobile instead of another junker. I bought a full size Chevrolet truck with about 75,000 miles on it. The previous owner died and his wife was selling it cheap. It was one of those rare to good to pass up type of deals! I financed it for a year just to build some credit and soon realized how much I hated having a car payment. The truck is still going strong and it is like a member of the family. My wife keeps telling me I deserve a new ride, but I aint getting rid of the truck. If I can keep it going until I die then I'm gonne be driving it to the pearly gates!


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                My old car, a 94 Grand Prix, I bought just outta high school. I worked my butt off for five years through college to pay for it, and put on 200,000+ miles. I took it everywhere...twice to Canada, several times to New York, and once to North Carolina.

                We finally bought a new one last August. I refuses to trade the old one in, instead giving it to a friend. I see it from time to time, and always with a bit of wistfullness.

                Especially when I realize I still need to wait another two years before I have the free cash I used to have last year, before payments.
                I haven't felt this good since we stole the 2000 elections!--Ned Flanders


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                  My first vehicle was a 1970 Oldsmobile 98 Land Yacht It had a 454 engine in it and you could just watch the gas guage (which took up half the dash) move downward in it. It sure was comfortable and you could stuff 10 of your best friends in it


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                    Mr.Bunny was a bit down when he donated his Honda to GoodWill some years ago. It was the first car he bought after he graduated from college; we went on our first date in that car..I went to my first Mardi Gras in that was a great car. We have a new Honda now we brought Baby Bunny home in that car so that is a good first, huh.
                    "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."
                    Davy Crockett


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