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Unreported Shots Fired


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  • Unreported Shots Fired

    So I'm sitting at "work" yesterday, if you call sitting at a desk in uniform playing Civilization 2 work, when all of a sudden I hear this loud glass breaking/crashing noise. At first I thought it sounded like a sheet of ice sliding off the roof. The front of the building I work in is a 3 story glass atrium, roof included. Then I remember that there is no ice so I go look to see what it was. I look outside and the outer pane of this window was coming apart and falling to the ground in chunks and the inner pane of glass is shattered but isn't falling out yet. At first I think that it's just an odd thing because of the cold or something.

    After most of the glass has fallen out me and another guy are attempting to clean up (attempting because more glass falls out with every gust of wind). He's sweeping on the inside of the building and sees this dark thing on the ground mixed in with the glass. Turns out to be a .45 slug. The guard from the previous night apparently had heard some kind of loud pop and he asked someone else to look around with him to see what it was. They didn't find anything but he didn't put anything down in his report and didn't say anything to me at pass down.

    When the cop got there to take a report he checked the log from the previous night and there were no reports of anything going on in the vicinity. This is near downtown Minneapolis, somebody shoots off a .45 and nobody reports anything. Not even the security guard
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