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Pick your fights wisely (not that great a story but was fun)


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  • Pick your fights wisely (not that great a story but was fun)

    Last night, we went to the 4th of July parade, street dance and illegal fireworks malee here in Sandy. Every year in the parade, they run the water truck from the fire department at the back of the parade. If you are form here, you know you are going to get wet. I mean soaked to the bone wet if you don't hide in your car when you see it coming. Even if you are from out of town, if you can't figureout what is going to happen waching this thing come down the road from at least 3-4 blocks away, you are a complete idiot.

    Anyway, we are driving right behind the water truck following the parade down to the dance and the hose the heck out of some guy and his family city in the back of their pcikup. I can see he has a Las Vegas business logo in the back of his truck and nobody has any idea who he is.

    He stands up and start yelling that he is going to kick their ***es and F... them up etc. in front of all the kids of course.. Guys on the truck are yeah, what ever.

    Idiot starts chasing the parade driving out in the desert, hits a van spinnning out to get himself unstuck, etc. The van was already beat to he!! but idiot is driving a brand new quad cab that now has a toyota bumper imprint in the left side of the bed.

    Still being on vacation , I decide I'll tag along to the end but stay way out of it unless I can't.

    Idiot follows them all the way to the barn cussing and screaming the whole time. He gets out when they stop and yells at the fireman to get off the truck so he can F... him up and and stuff his D...., well you get the idea. All this in front of all the kids of course.

    This guy was big. Probably 6' 2"-3" and well built. Ken (names changed to protect the innocent) stands up on the firetruck and says, "I'm coming on down now if you wanted to talk to me." Ken stand 6' 7" 280. As Ken's climbing down, brave, tough, mouthy guy goes over to his truck and picks up his 2 year old daughter as a shield, then begins ranting again.

    By this time, he realizes that he has managed to draw the attention of darn near the entire fire department who are all standing around him now not saying a word. Probably only 2-3 of them are under 6' 0"

    Finally this idiot realizes he has probably picked the worng battle and gets in his truck and drives away. The whole thing would have made a great movie scene. Not to mention I'm always a big fan of poetic justice.

    I'm just hoping his wife didn't get the beating he intended for Ken We all know the type.

    [ 07-05-2002: Message edited by: DesertRat ]

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    What an idiot. Anyone who cusses like that in front of their kids ... in twenty years, that kid of his is going to do something similar, I'd bet.


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      Reminds me of a story my Dad told me. Seems he & my Mom were driving home from Pasadena (TX) one afternoon when the car died at a traffic light. A teenager pulls up behind him & starts honking his horn when the light changed to green. My Dad tried to get the car to crank & the light cycles all the way round back to green. The kid starts honking his horn again. The light cycles a third time & the kid leans out his window & yells, "It won't turn purple, mister!" My Dad, 6'2" & 240 lbs., steps out of the car & just glares at the teen. The kid then sheepishly asked, "Can I give you a push or something?"


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