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Two Dead in Shooting at LAX Airport


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    Originally posted by Crazy in a Jeep:
    "Family members identified the male victim as 46-year-old Yakov Aminov, of Los Angeles. He died in surgery as a result of his wounds." From CNN.com. He's got a name.
    Yakov was actually one of the victims. As far as I can find the shooter hasn't been ID'd yet.

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      Argh. That's a case of reading at 10 mph and cutting and pasting at 50 mph

      "A law enforcement source said police have tentatively identified the shooter, described by Los Angeles police as a 52-year-old man. But the source said further checks were being made to ensure the gunman was not carrying false identification."
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        "It's not a terrorist attack. At least, not by "Al Queda" (or other). For one thing, if it was one of those, they'd probably have walked in strapped with dynamite.

        It's just a regular nut who happens to be middle eastern."

        The FBI should put you in charge. You already have all the answers.

        It's way too early to be certain if it was connected to anything.

        They're not saying the shooter was arabic, but I'll bet we will find out later he was.

        He just happened to pick the Israeli national airline.....right!

        The FBI might be saying publicly that it's not a terrorist incident, but Israel is saying it is. To be blunt, I trust Israeli intelligence more than the FBI.


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          The FBI should put you in charge. You already have all the answers.
          Well, you're right, I could be wrong. But I think if this was an orchastrated terrorist attack, the guy woulda walked in with a bomb on his chest ... a gun and a knife just seems sort of random.


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            I agree with NiteShift that regardless of what the media are fed regarding this attack, it seems highly probable that it is a terror attack. In Israel terror attacks are anything from stabbings, shootings to the all out suicide bombings we sadly hear about all too often. I know that in Israel where Arab Terrorists have much wider access to firearms, explosives and so on, also use other alternatives including stabbings, ramming people at bus stops with their cars and so on.

            The most recent cnn.com report indicates that the as yet unidentified gunman (we all wait in suspense to hear his name and place of origin and I am sure all wonder what is the delay of releasing this info) stabbed a senior security officer (seemingly the head of El Al security at LAX) shot an El Al customer service attendant, pistolwhipped another and shot the 46yr old diamond dealer.

            Now I wasn't there and can only speculate based on the facts given to the media by witnesses and so on....but it sure sounds unkosher to me!
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              "But I think if this was an orchastrated terrorist attack, the guy woulda walked in with a bomb on his chest ... a gun and a knife just seems sort of random."

              As Zalmann pointed out, even in Palestine, where you could probably by the bomb pre-made on the corner for crying out loud, there are plenty of rifle and pistol based attacks.


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                This is a great quote:

                "Earlier, Israel’s consul general in Los Angeles, Yuval Rotem, said he believed, based on the briefing he received from El Al officials at the airport, that the shooting was done by a terrorist.
                When reporters mentioned to Rotem that Hahn and other American officials had called the event “an isolated incident,”
                Rotem replied “Isolated from what?”


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                  After reading all I could on this icident I feel that it is a attack upon israel in some way. I doubt that it was a attack against us in any way. The small plane that crashed was mechanical error as the pilot called for help twice before crashing. He stated he could not ascend. It is sad that people had to die on this nations birthday but that being what it is makes it a big day for someone to make a name for themselves.

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                    For anyone who hears Glenn Beck on the radio (www.glennbeck.com) he has a catchy and amusing section on his show starting with a song" just another isolated incident " and he describes some crazy and real incidents going on with alot of cover up following fast.

                    This incident stinks and I am amazed (call me naive) at the slow response in statements or updates into the on the scene investigation. Being someone who is visibly and proudly Jewish, I am very concerned at the response to this incident. If it's a vengeance attack...make a statement....if it's a terror attack..make a statement..but say something to appease the public. I am sure many Israelis are rolling their eyes at the fact that it's another attack, but at the same time also shuddering at this lackluster response..WHATEVER THE MOTIVE BEHIND THESE KILLINGS!
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                      Just FYI, I heard the 6PM (actually about 6:40 PM)news conference the FBI called, and I heard it live. The media was begging for any type of ID of the shooter, but the agent with the hispanic name would only confirm it was a male.

                      He would not even confirm that the shooter was shot.
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                        Klar, don't think that an attack against Israel in one of the main international terminals in the United States aviation industry is "not an attack on us". 9/11 showed us that terror strikes regardless or race, creed or religion and this should serve as a stern and tragic warning to America to stay vigilant and to stay safe. Islamic fundamentalist terror is against anything in its way...America, Israel, moderate Arab leaders and so forth.

                        Let's not be naive. 9/11 buried any naivety we were allowed to have.
                        Never, Never, Never Give Up!
                        Sir Winston Churchill


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                          I'm not saying I think it's a terrorist attack aimed mainly at the US. I'd bet it's aimed almost completely at Israel.........

                          But I think part of the choice to do it in the US was to rub our nose in our still lax and (relaxing) security, to show it can still easily happen here and to just try to strain US-Israeli relations a little more.

                          The US wasn't the target, but they were sent a message.


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                            According to the latest release from the AP wire service the FBI is still not releasing the attackers name.
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                              O.K.-- Here it is.

                              For weeks now a radical group of palestinians has been preaching to its members that an attack on the Isrealis should coincide with a strike on America. This is because of President Bush's stance that the Palestinians should back down and talk about peace and be more open to Isreali generated peace proposals.

                              I wish I had more info on this. Fox News hit on this for a little while today, then I had to go back to work. peace is the one condition of survival in this nuclear age.

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                                He was an Egyptian citizen, living in Irvine, which is south of LA. They found his car parked at the airport. They know where he lived and are in the process of searching his apartment. Can't remember his name and couldn't spell it if I did.

                                As to the plane crash, the latest report I saw said two children and the pilot dead. There was a May Day call from the plane but the pilot didn't say what the problem was. One witness thought he was trying to crash land in the lake to avoid hitting people but didn't make it because his wing hit a tree.


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