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What are they thinking?


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  • What are they thinking?

    [ 08-11-2001: Message edited by: Niteshift ]
    Only two things are infinite-the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe. -Albert Einstein

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    Hell, why not? After all, sharks do go after their own kind!
    Never make a drummer mad- we beat things for a living!


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      Ya swim in an ocean inhabited by man-eating monsters, ya takes yer chances. What were the lifeguards supposed to do? They are there to save kids from drowning, not fight off sharks. Oh well, gotta keep the lawyers employed...
      Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

      I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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        Although this is a bunch a crap, I don't think it warrants using "Jesus Christ" as the subject. Thats not cool
        Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations!


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          "The resort has insisted that lifeguards acted swiftly in pulling Thompson out of the water. The resort's statements were backed by a Bahamian doctor who interrupted his morning stroll to help."

          Must not have been fast enough...but then ...who wants to run to fight a shark ?

          "Dr. Rolando Corral, a trauma surgeon, told a TV news show Wednesday that lifeguards had managed to stop the bleeding from Thompson's leg and keep him conscious until an ambulance arrived."

          Yeah...and now they can look foward to getting sued for saving the persons life.Typical lawyer action...

          I am puzzeled though...where does "Jesus Christ" fit in ? Was the victim praying to him while he was being eaten or what? I didnt see that in the article. Did I miss something?
          "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

          Norman Thomas


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            I have to agree with the last 2. I won't delete this, but be careful next time you choose a topic title. I may not be in such a generous mood.


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              Sorry, meant in a J.C, I can't believe they're actually doing that.

              I myself have never been to sensitive about profanity, or other uses for words, it has a tendency to cause minor problem...
              Only two things are infinite-the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about the universe. -Albert Einstein


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