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    I just got back from Greenville, SC where Mrs. Lawdog and myself saw the last show on Tim McGraw's "One Band Show" tour. This was the second time we saw him on this tour (the first was in Charlotte), and all I can say is...WOW!!! The man puts on a hell of a show!

    The story starts a couple months ago. Mrs. Lawdog buys tickets from the fan club. Great seats, but she feels she can do better. She buys a better pair from another fan club member, so we have two pairs. These are floor seats, but they're about as far out as (but still close) as the first pair she bought. Then she finds another pair online. Floor section 1, row C, seats 12 and 13. I knew we were gonna be close to the catwalk, but I was thinking at least 20-25 seats per row. Nope. There 13 seats per row! So, Mrs. Lawdog is right next to the cat walk staring up at Tim all night long.

    The night gets better. He walks around a lot during the show and high fives, shakes hands and sings to various audience members. My wife was one of the first who got their hand shook. Later in the show he takes time to sign autographs while the band solos and he signs an 8X10 we bought from the vendor (an afterthought). Right before the end of the show, before he comes back on stage for the last song (Tiny Dancer), the Dance Hall Doctors pass out Silly String. There must have been about 30 or 40 cans. The cue was as soon as Tim steps back onstage from the audience, let 'im have it. Mrs. Lawdog was one of the lucky fans who got to string him up (so to speak). I've never seen someone covered up in that stuff to the point of not being able to see them. I mean, this thing looked like a red, blue and green Ghillie Suit!

    But, the best thing was that Faith came out and sang the backup part on Angry all the Time then came back and played acoustic guitar on a few songs. Let me tell ya, guys (listen up, Sgt. Dave)...TV does her no JUSTICE!

    It was a great time and Greenville was very nice (had a blast at the Mast Store).

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    Sounds like you had a good time Mike.
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      Sounds like it was awesome! I want to see Tim Mcgraw.

      There is nothing like sitting up close. We sat in the 2nd row for Toby Keith last year. It was better than the first 2 times we saw him.

      Ebay is where we got our tickets. It is not a bad way to get tickets.
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        i wouldn't mind see mrs. tim mcgraw while tim is out on the road.
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