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All my friends are joining "Biker Clubs"


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  • All my friends are joining "Biker Clubs"

    In reacent years it seems all my childhood freinds have been geting involved with a Biker Club here in Chicago one, by one. The perticular club is associated with the Chicago Outlaws, enough to where there will be two outlaws present at thier upcomming wedding.

    On friend has been in for decades, and the other a few years and reacently became an "Officer" in the cub (Whatever that means)

    Although on the outside, the club seems rather benign, the affiliation with the Outlaws has me a bit worried. Especially since I have seen a conversion in thinking patterns, and changes in attitude. Two of the girls slowly went from hateing the whole biker scene to accepting it. One has completely submerged herself into it along with her boyfriend (The above mentiond "Officer"). The other was freaking out about this 6 months ago, and now suddenly has done a complete 180 and thinks being involved in a club where the Feds are openly photgraphing people and license plates is acceptable, and no big deal.

    I wouldn't be so worried, but it's like ALL of my oldest child hood freinds are getting sucked into this group, and every one of them has shown the same sort of changes in attitude thinking and behaivor. It does not seem normal to me for people to change like that because they join what's suposed to be a social club.

    Also, like I alluded to above, suposedly they have been to parties where the feds are right out in the open photgraphing people, licenses plates etc... They also tell me thier phones are tapped. I don't know how they could know this, but I'm seeing some really scarry things. It's the same thing with all of them, one by one, almost like a systematic conversion.

    I myself was involved in a Cult about 12-13 years ago (Got out early), and I see some starteling similarities going on. I really fear there is something going on underneath the surface here.

    Any thoughts on this? Should I be asking a girl from the "Gang Crimes" division to be my date for the wedding maybe?
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    Have you talked to your friends about this? What about talking to the girls that have done the 180?
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      Two are too deep into it now (The ones getting married are being married by the club's minister). All I can do is express concern, and tell them to be careful. I don't wan't to be bossy and drive them away. I'm sort of a "Lone Wolf" myself, and although I care for them quite a bit, I don't see them very often as it is. I'm afraid if I push the issue too much, I will alienate them.

      I suspect the one that did the 180 is seeing a club member now (Hence the 180). I know the one who's getting married soon (to the "officer", and my oldest friend) is more open to me talking to her, but it won't have any effect on her descisions. Either way, I think she's too deep in to get out now. Her fianncee has responsibilities as an officer, and is just too deep in to suddenly say they don't want to be a part of it.

      I think for now he just helps organise social events, but he is also under the impression the club is nothing more than a social club (at least that is how he acts to me). How he justifies that view with what he thinks are the feds taking pictures of him, and supposely tapping his phones is beyond me. All three now tell me the Feds watch everyone and it's no big deal. The girls at least were appalled at the idea of being spied on by federal agents not to long ago. Now it's like the idea is an accepted fact of life to them. I see this "Us against them" mentality forming.

      I tried to say that the feds are not going to waste their time watching people for no reason. I mean the manpower to watch every US citezen alone would be so astonomical it's just not feasable even if they wanted to. That comment didn't seem to register with her. If this is true, and the phones "Are" tapped (I still don't see how they can know that, but they are convinced of it), I think the feds would have very good reason to be watching them. Even if they are not involved with anything illegal, they must be close to someone who is. That reasoning just goes right over their heads though. It's like they just think it's perfectly normal to have federal agents taking photos of every car, bike and person entering thier club house when they have their parties or something. I find that extremely disturbing.

      Things at home are being comlicated by this as well, because my current girlfreind has had "affiliations" with groups like this in her past, and WILL NOT have anything to do with anyone who is traveling down that path. She feels my freinds are on the road to becoming "Property" of the collective, if they are not already there now.

      I'd like to think I'm over reacting, but I have had experiances with Outlaws before, and I know very much what that group is. Based on "My" understanding of how this works, affiliate clubs like the ones my freinds are all joining are used as recruiting grounds for the main group. This being said, my freind being and officer in the club is very scarry to me, and him getting married to one of the girls makes it worse, and HER best freind also starting to change her veiw on this (From being very repulsed over the situation to comfortable acceptance) has me even more worried.

      I feel like I'm watching a major cancer spreading to engulf all my loved ones.
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        See, these are child hood friends who are on the level almost of family. They are the types to dance to close to the fire for the thrill of it. This is why I am concerned, because from what I know about the Outlaws, they are going to be too deep in before they realise where they are at. I see tactics that run on the same brainwashing principals as I experianced in Chung Moo Quan (the Cult I was in).

        It's like a lobster, if you throw him in hot water, he will jump out, but if you put him in cool water, and very slowly turn up the heat, he will cook up quite nicely for you. They are already talking about laws that are used to fight organised crime. They think that the laws state if one member of an organised crim "company" goes down ALL of them do wheather personally involved or not. They even took the precution to put everything in the girls name (House, cars etc..) when my friend became an "Officer". To make matters worse, we all grew up in Mob central (Elmwood Pk Il.) and the girls are actually fringe family members, so there is a certian familliarity with the whole "Covertness" of it all.

        I just see a very disturbing trend going on here, that's all. I wish I knew more about the perticular "Club" they are in, and exactly what the affiliation with the Outlaws is.

        I won't say exactly which club it is, but they are listed on this page http://www.ilcoc.com/Members.html

        Anyone know if any of these clubs are susected of anything I should be concerned about?
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