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  • Dilemma

    I recently sighted my .22 in to an amazing "minute of cat" accuracy, using very quiet subsonic cb caps. It's almost as quiet as an air rifle. You see, we are overrun by cats in our area. Now I don't hate cats, but they are so bad here that they have become pests, and animal control has not been able to help.

    Ok, I decided very wisely not to fire a .22 round at the cats, but they are still a pest. Today, our old dog Blackie was out back and he was raising hell. We went out to look and there was a cat under the dog house. My wife shooed it away. Several hours later, Blackie starts in again and I go look, and he's on point at the dog house again. (He doesn't live in the dog house, he's just a dog) I shoo the cat out and this time I shoot him in the back side with a low powered bb gun. The cat runs off, and I am celebrating with Klingon blood wine, reciting to all my dead ancestors what a good hunter I am.

    Ok, ten minute later Blackie is still on point at the dog house. At that point, I begin to suspect a horrible truth. No, the cat is gone, but as I slowly tip the dog house on it's side, I discover that my suspicions are correct! There are 4 new born baby kittens under there! My dilemma, since I am just a bed wetter and not an animal abuser, is what to do? I really don't want to hurt them, and they need their momma to suckle them. I guess I'll have to let them be. Damn! I really don't hate cat's but they tear up our yard and get in the garage and crap in there, and tear up my wife's plants! What to do?

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    If you really care, then the smartest (and only real) course of action is, first, figure out how to restrain your dog from chasing off the cat IF she comes back for her kittens.

    Chances are she will, because of the maternal instinct, etc. Whether she does or not, the next humane step is to hand them all over to the local ASPCA etc. I would give her a chance to come back, but I wouldn't wait much longer than a full night...and don't try to feed them milk or anything, it won't work. It's best to let them all go to the shelter together, but if she doesn't come back, they might have a lactating cat (or a pig, or even a dog if they have no cats) they can find to suckle them or they have some cat's milk stored for this kind of thing, depending on how well equiped they are there. That's about all you can do besides maybe moving the thing somewhere a little bit away from your house and dog, but where she can still find them if she returns. I'd call the local shelter and ask them too. If your Animal Control doubles as the local shelter, then call a local vet out of the yellow pages and they'll probably be more than happy to suggest the best alternatives. Good luck Bro'.

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      I already called the dog in. Momma will be back.


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        Set a live catch trap for Mama Kitty, then send the whole 9 yards off to the animal shelter.

        My folks lived in a small town for a while, and the stray cats there got to be such a pain in the posterior; everywhere, and into everything.
        Dad went to a City Council meeting, and raised hell about them. One of those small towns who needed all factions of a city government except for a police department, claiming there was no real need for one, while idiots and outlaws ran amok . They all asked Dad what they were supposed to do. Dad simply told them to shoot them. They then claimed they didn't have anyone to do such a task. Dad then pointedly informed them he owned a .22 Magnum revolver, was an excellent shot, and it would not be of any consequence to him to do the task, for the sake of the whole town(at least 2 or 3 little kids had been bitten or scratched).

        They all looked at each other without saying a word, and the Mayor finally said to Dad to be careful. Within the next month, Dad wiped out most of the stray cats in the town. He set bait in the back yard, where he had an excellent backstop, and pow!

        Contrary to what I used to think, Dad really loved animals, even cats. He didn't kill for the thrill of it; in this case, he was being a good citizen, providing his talents for the better of all the community. As much as my Mom hated to see any animal killed for any reason, she was behind Dad all the way in that project. The stray cat population had gotten way out of hand, they were getting to be a major nuisance, and something had to be done.
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          The pc 'crats around here already told me I would be guilty of animal cruelty if I shot them. I told them to perform the impossible.


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            I just went back out there to see if mama came back. She must have, because the kittens are all gone, except one that was left in the yard dead. I feel bad about this, but I didn't do anything to hurt them, except for disturbing them.

            What I don't understand is Blackie's behavoir. I let him out and he went right to the dead kitten and picked it up. He alternates between chewing on it, and rolling on it's body. What is up with this? Maybe he thinks I can't see him.

            I suppose I'll probably go to prison for this now.

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              Mike TX: Killer of Kittens. Abuser of Mamma Cats. Drunk on Kilgon Blood Wine


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                Ok, now Blackie has stopped messing with it, and has put the body right back where it was originally, in front of the dog house. How gay is that? Why would he do this? When he was messing with it, he moved it about 5 yards away from where the mama cat had left it.


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                  I suppose I'll probably go to prison for this now.[/QB][/QUOTE]

                  Like we would be that lucky!


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                    Stray cats can be very distructive. It should be legal to shoot them when they build to such numbers. It's more cruel to let them get overpopulated.

                    Of course, it's people not taking responsibility for their actions that caused the original problem. Too many people either putting them out on their own or not spaying pets not intended for breeding.

                    Everytime the local college students go home for the summer they turn out all kind of pets that their parents won't let them bring home. They should at least have the decency to take them to a shelter or something.
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                      Go cats go!!!!


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                        i hear cats are tastey [Eek!]


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                          Careful...... so are men!


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                            Mods are nasty. And they don't love you anymore.


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                              Careful...... so are men!
                              [Eek!] [Eek!]

                              Oooh errrr missus !


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