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    Tonight on the Travel Channel, they ran an episode about the top ten food factories in America. Included were the Jelly Belly jelly bean factory, Hershey Park in PA, the Kelloggs factory, and the Hostess Factor where they make Twinkies, which, according to the show was the number one snack food in America.

    So, what is YOUR favorite snack food, munchie...

    I'd say mine is probably chips...tortilla, potato, cheetos, whatever.
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    Get your own box.
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      I did watch the program about how they make some of the most popular candy of the old-days, and one program called "FOOD FINDS" or something like that.

      I also like to watch the Travel Channel, HGTV, DIY, FOOD Network. Some really cool programming they have.
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        Dehydradted apple chips!


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          Peanuts or almonds, beef jerky, Chex Mix(why did they take the peanuts out? Commies! ), popcorn, pork skins, various chips or Cheetos.

          Every Halloween season, I try to get a pumpkin or two, just to get the seeds. Soak them in briny water, then bake them at 250 degrees for an hour or so. Crack them open, and eat them like sunflower seeds. Oh, are those good!

          I also love Nilla wafers.
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            DMS 525
            Chex Mix(why did they take the peanuts out?
            Just my opinion here.

            I like the chex mix to because of the pretzels, I'm a pretzel freak.

            But your right they have taken out the peanuts!

            I think most companies are doing away with the peanuts because of the folks that have allergic reaction to peanuts.
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              Sunflower Seeds.

              My favorite flavor is ranch.
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                Combos!!!!!!!!! Mainly the Nacho cheese flavor...but pizzaria works too.


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                  'SCOOPS' and fresh guacamole dip!
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                    I like the new Milky Way and 3 Musketeers POP-ables.
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                      Chocolate ANYTHING.
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                        Hari-bo gummi bears & chocolate!!!


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                          Cool ranch doritoes


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                            I usually don't snack on candy bars, with ONE exception: Cadbury Whole Nut.

                            I got hooked on the stuff on my first trip to the UK, where it's as common as a Hersey bar or Nestle Crunch is over here. You can even buy them from vending machines in the London Underground subway.

                            However, you CANNOT find it here in the US. In addition to using a different type of nut (almonds instead of hazelnuts in the UK version), the chocolate also tastes different -- not surprising as the local version is produced by Hersey. You cannot even find it in Canada, which often stocks food items that cannot be found in the US. Their closest version also uses almonds.

                            So, on my last trip to the UK I made sure to stop by the duty free shop at Heathrow Airport, where I stocked up on Cadbury Whole Nut -- to the tune of


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                              A can of Pringles (original) or a package of brown sugar PopTarts is usually my afternoon snack when I get home.


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