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"Offensive" license tags


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  • "Offensive" license tags


    VALRICO -- A couple who wanted to express pride in their Italian heritage with the license plate "2 DAGOS" are being told to return the plate to the state because some people feel it's an ethnic slur.

    Phil and Fran Lascola said they are fighting the request, saying they don't consider the term insulting.

    "How in the world could they say this is obscene?" said Phil Lascola. "We're Italians; we're not slamming anybody."

    Florida issued the license plate 18 months ago for the couple's BMW but reconsidered its decision when it received a recent complaint.

    The state says it has the right to withdraw or refuse to issue tags that are vulgar or objectionable.

    Controversial ones have included "ATHEIST," "MUTINY," "H-8" (meaning hate), and variations of the "F" word. After a fight, the Gainesville man with the "ATHEIST" tag was allowed to keep it.

    A Save the Manatee specialty tag with "EAT UMM" as the identifier was taken from a Tallahassee driver.

    Phil Lascola said he received a letter Saturday from the state telling the couple to return the plate. The Lascolas are considering hiring an attorney to handle the dispute.

    "We wanted a personalized plate just to be different," Phil Lascola said.

    The couple in suburban Tampa said they don't know who complained. Most people think it's funny or give them a thumbs up, Phil Lascola said.

    State officials don't agree.

    "The department has the broad statutory authority to recall any license plate on which the alphanumeric combination is deemed to be either obscene and/or objectionable," said Robert Sanchez, spokesman for the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

    Sanchez said combinations that could be taken as ethnic slurs could fall within the guidelines for objectionable.

    Drawing the line is not always easy, he said. The review board tries to decide in good faith by ordinary community standards whether something is inappropriate.

    The letter the Lascolas received provides them with a temporary plate until they can get "one of their choice," Sanchez said.

    Phil Lascola doesn't want another plate. "This isn't a bad word," he said. "People call us dagos all the time."

    I think the choices were unique, especially the "dago" and "eat umm" ones. Somebody's gotta yell about something, though .

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    I always want "3M TA3". It looks good in a rear view mirror.


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      Wouldn't work down here....don't have front tags....dangit!


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        They'll probably lose since the State already ruled on dago before when it took another tag.


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          Here's some more they don't want.

          " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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            My fave is Bite Me! What a wonderful phrase!

            I thought about KT Kakes but decided against it. I'll just stick with plain, ole' boring tags.


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              I have a LE memorial plate... if I had a vanity plate it would say PIPER or AOII (my sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi).


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                I'm VERY tempted to buy wife # 2's current husband the plate PZYWHPD! But I doubt that Kaliphornia would let me do it.
                6P1 (retired)


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                  My friend has a "XSOUP4U" plate.


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                    I almost forgot, one of my friends, (you know, another guy thats one of the girls...) anyway...this is his plate...

                    NO 2NA


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                      Well probally in sept I am going to ask for personal veterans plates for my vehicle they are gonna say KLAR LOl That way when I do meet people from here they will know it is me LOL

                      Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                        LOL you nut...

                        i dont think i'd ever get personalized ones.

                        i had an inside joke with some friends when i was younger, involving the name Smee. (as in "it's me!" long story... ) that might be kind of cute.

                        i couldnt fit Jellybean on the plates anyway and i know one postmaster around here already has POSTAL on his.

                        this thread makes me think of Kramer and his ***MAN plates

                        [ 07-05-2002: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
                        "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                          LOL Well I think it would work Have you thought of JLYBEAN? or even JELYBEN? Those could come close. LOL I think if you thought about it you could come up with a personalzed plate. LOL Next time I am out that way you can check out my KLAR plates LOL

                          Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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                            I had vanity plates for about 20 years and then the DMV wanted everyone to pay the vanity plate fee EVERY year. Like a lot of other people I turned them in and they had to issue new ones at no cost.
                            " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                              We are so lucky over here that our plates are a national standard. No variations allowed. If you can find an existing plate that fits your needs, and no-one else is using it, you can but it from DVLA.
                              As far as Florida goes, how do you get by only having a rear plate? Must be a pain in the a*se for you guys
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