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  • Liberals, Left wingers, Finger Pointers, Anarchy, etc

    Coyote and the Other One.

    Two coyotes were crossing a farmers field. Both coyotes were strangers to each other for they had never met. Just as they were about to introduce themselves they heard the farmer yell, "There's a coyote in the field." The first coyote shouted "run!" They both started to run for the tress when they heard the farmer yell "And there goes another one."

    Finally, both coyotes made it to the cover of the trees and then when they had rested, they introduced themselves. "I never saw you before, I'm Wanderer, I'm a coyote like you." The other coyote looked at the first oddly and replied "I'm Sleek, but I'm not a coyote like you."

    "Sure you are," said Wanderer.
    "Oh no, I'm not." replied Sleek.

    "Look my friend Sleek, you have ears, tail and our snouts are the same. We are both coyotes."

    Sleek would not accept that. "Listen Wanderer" said Sleek. "Let's run across the field again and you will see we are different."

    So first ran Wanderer and the farmer called out. "There goes that darn coyote." then Sleek made his dash and the farmer yelled,"And there goes another one...again!"

    When the two coyotes reached the trees they ducked out of sight. Wanderer turned to the Sleek and said, "there! Didn't you hear the farmer? He called us both Coyotes."

    Sleek looked disappointed with his new confused friend and said, "Yes, I heard the farmer. He called you a coyote, but I am an 'Another one!"

    Our problem in America is, we are listening to the farmers tell us who we are.

    Jim Burnes

    (paraphrased from a Pawnee coyote)

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    Yeppers that is why I am never lost I am always hearing people telling where to go and giving me nice instructions to get there. They also tell me I am number one all the time but someone needs to point out to them that they are using the wrong finger again. Anywho I still slow down farther and make sure they see me smiling and waving as they tell me how wonderful I am LOL

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      Jim ...that was good.

      Got anymore tails from that Pawnee coyote ?
      "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

      Norman Thomas


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        I agree with Watchman, that was excellent Jim!
        6P1 (retired)


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          Coyote is a fellow who can teach, but is a glutton who is always thin. A con man who fools himself. Vain and cowardly while doing brave deeds.

          Coyote is a survivor, He lives in every nation.

          Jim Burnes


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            Tell us how the tip of the coyotes tail was turned white, Jim.


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              That's a winter story, meant to show why seasons change.

              Here's a good spring story, and the pitfalls of being vain.

              Bluebird was in the beginning just bird, but one day found a blue lake. He dived in and found his feathers had turned a light blue! Bluebird liked this, he dived in again 3 more times, each time getting more blue, until he was blue as he is today. While he sat singing, coyote trotted up and said how beautiful Bluebird had become.

              Coyote felt mean towards Bluebird, because Bluebird was beautiful but coyote was just a dusty color. Bluebird told coyote how to become blue and soon coyote was jumping into the lake. After the fourth time, coyote had become a beautiful blue, but as always, coyote wanted to be more beautiful than even the Bluebird, so coyote spent the day leaping into the lake.

              Finally, coyote became hungry and thought he had better go trick someone out of their meal; he trotted along watching everyone look at his beautiful blue fur, he kept staring at his shadow to see if it too had turned blue, when suddenly he walked right over a cliff and tumbled to the bottom. His coat was now covered with a thick layer of yellowish dust and that's why coyote looks like he does now and why coyote always walks straight and keeps his eyes on the trail.

              Jim Burnes

              (Omaha coyote)


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