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  • Just my opinion..............

    What have we done?
    We cut down a tree,put some green ink on it,and put such a value on it that people are willing to steal,die,and kill for it.
    We put our enertainers on the top of our society.
    We run up to Actors and ignore a cop walking past us.
    If you where on a deserted island who would you want to be with you??
    A Doctor or a rock star??
    Then why do we cry to be near a Rock star???
    Did you ever think why we have to be away from our family all day??
    To get that all mighty money!!!!!
    Let's pay a person who plays a sport millions while a cop who could one day get killed for YOU gets sued for doing his/her job.
    Yea I sound like a nut
    But I have created a site to honor and thank the people who really deserve it.(wont bother posting it)
    I could a least tell my kids I tried!
    My emails and posts on different boards get deleted or ignored.
    Thats fine.I am sure you will think about all this on your deathbed wondering why you spent so much time away from your family.
    Because you needed the paper with green ink on it!!!!!!!!
    I'm just a 31 year old guy who gets to see his family about 2 hours a day becasue he has to work his *** off!
    Go ahead you can delete this now.
    I guess I am just a nut.
    But think of it this way.
    In the old days the entertainer(court jester) was lower then the fighters(Knights)
    When did it reverse????

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    I guess I'm lucky as I get to work with my family. As far as worshiping celebs, not all of us do. As far as the green paper, we live in a society that lets you achieve all you want to. We don't have to work as hard as you do, but some people will.

    I personally don't want to work all the time, so I don't really have all I want, but I figure between the wife and I, we do ok. There are many unseen heros today, and many people foolishly place their priorities at the feet of the rich and famous. We can only hope they grow out of it.


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      Well, I have to agree here. I do think police officers and fire fighters and all emergency personnel should receive the largest paychecks printed. I enjoy sports, baseball, football, etc. BUT, I don't think they should get paid millions for playing a game when you have people out here busting their butts everyday to protect an ungrateful society. I have recently been able to quit my job that I held for 6 years working as a corrections sergeant. (All because we are about to relocate). I can not tell you how nice it has been to spend so much time with my family. I missed a lot of my sons "first time of doing things" due to him being in daycare. Now, I get to keep him everyday and it has truly been a blessing. (My H likes having more homecooked meals, too.) [Wink]
      In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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