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  • Favorite Style of Shield

    In high school, my quote in the yearbook was: "Boredom Inspires". With that in mind, heres another post from your favorite cop on Long Island.

    Was checking out my shield today after a good cleaning, and it got me to thinking how many types of badges and shields are out there. Personally, my favorite is the 7 point star. I know some PD's use them, but I have mostly seen them on Deputy Sheriffs. I know of the oval type such as the LAPD, and my own style which i have included below. its the typical "shield" shape, with #'s along the bottom. Think NYPD and you've got it. I left one number out of the 4 visible so you get the idea.

    Photo was too big.

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    I knew you weren't number 1!


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      Oh, I'm number 1 alright. Just not shield number 1. [Wink]


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        They haven't shrunk the pic yet, wow. try this site create your own badge
        click on police products, then identification.

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          I admit to being biased. The LAPD badge is still my favorite. I also like the star badges worn by many sheriff's departments. I'm not so fond of the east coast style badges but, no doubt, this is simply due to my west coast upbringing.


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            Seven point star here. Mine is gold with a metal CA state seal in the middle. My favor 7 point star is the kind SF and Oakland PD wear. They are smooth metal with lettering stamped in on the surface. Very old west "tin star" looking.
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              Ours are completley different to yours Warrant cards
              This is what we carry in the Met.
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                I like the standard badge. I don't mind the ones like NYPD, etc uses, but I think the 5 mile long ribbon holders they wear above them look horrible. (No slam, just don't like that kind of ribbon holder)


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                  Originally posted by Ksfuzz:
                  I like the standard badge. I don't mind the ones like NYPD, etc uses, but I think the 5 mile long ribbon holders they wear above them look horrible. (No slam, just don't like that kind of ribbon holder)

                  those are medals and awards...i wouldnt mind having a few of those once i get on the job [Wink]


                  my picks are:

                  standard sheild (eg NYPD)
                  7 point star

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                    I had to pull mine out to double-check it!

                    I have to learn how to use the scanner at the Detachment!

                    Our identification badge is a shield-style design, gold coloured, engraved with our individual regimental number near the bottom of the face. In the centre is our crest in silver. Above the crest is a blue-enamelled banner, "Police", and below the crest is another blue-enamelled banner, "RCMP GRC".

                    We do not wear our identification badge, but carry it in a folder with our identification card. The face of the card has our regimental number, full name, signature, DOB, height, weight, blood type, complexion/hair/eye colour plus a colour photo. On the back it certifies that we are Regular Members of the RCMP and we are Peace Officers.
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                      Our issue badge is a standard gold seven-point star with the California state seal in color in the center. For 2000, we were authorized to purchase commemorative badges for our department's 150th year. Those are six-point stars, bigger than the issue badges, with the seal in the center being antiqued. We are allowed to keep wearing them and there has been some discussion of making it the official badge.
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                        This is my favorite badge, I like the custom center design plus the overall shape:



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                          I know they are awards, but I think it looks sloppy having oodles of ribbons stacked over your shoulder. Gotta have lots of respect for someone who has that many tho!


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                            I am fond of the WI State Patrol's badges (the same as NYPD Detectives although they are silver). However, my absolutely favorite is the badge of the San Francisco PD. I like the 7pt star, and especially the fact it is devoid of the goofy looking seal in the center.

                            About the "warrant card", i take it the Met has a policy about where it is worn. Braille should ONLY be worn in certain spots... [Eek!]
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                              Well now, I personally like the oval shield style with the eagle up top.

                              County here uses three designs. Oval sheild w/eagle for parole, animal control, and code enforcement officers. Road and corrections deputies use a standard 5 point star, while SO field service officers use a 6 point star with eagle. Make sense?

                              All other city PDs here use standard oval shield, with on exception. 1 city uses a 7 point star.
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