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The sixth victim of the Nebraska bank massacre.


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  • The sixth victim of the Nebraska bank massacre.

    I am sad beyond words.
    RIP Trooper Zach.

    Nebraska Trooper Commits Suicide in Connection With Bank Heist
    Friday, September 27, 2002

    MADISON, Neb.

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    Oh my God. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I am so sorry that with all the good things I'm sure he's done in his LE career, with all the lives he impacted positively, that this would happen.
    I wish every LEO could know the enormous positive impact they have on people everyday, even when it isn't acknowledged. I can't imagine how difficult it would be, but please try to keep in mind all the grateful smiles, thank-you's and people's lives you have helped if ever in such a dark place.
    Please stay safe.
    Don't take life too seriously- you'll never come out of it alive.


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      You know, I just don't even know what to say about this. I mean obviously I am very sad for the family, friends and coworkers and even the officer for feeling that he had to do something so drastic.
      The worst part to me is I feel like if I were in this situation, I would hope I could ask for help or get counseling or something. I mean, killing yourself one of the most permanent things there is. I worry about his children growing up without a father. It is very hard for parents to raise children today on only one income, let alone when you have 6. I think about the children not having their father there at their ballgames, graduations, weddings, etc and it makes me very sad. He may have escaped all of his worries, but for his family they are just beginning.
      This is truly a tradegy for everyone involved. The worst part is, I bet the BG laughing about the whole thing, that he may think he "caused" the officer to committ suicide. To the BG, it will be a trophy, one less officer on the streets. [Frown]
      In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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        I wish his family all the strength in the world, his wife and six kids will never be the same.

        I really am stunned and saddened by this. [Frown]


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          My feelings about this are mixed.

          I find it contradictory and difficult to accept that a guy who "took his responsibility very, very seriously" would kill himself and leave a wife and six kids to fend for themselves.

          This is a very unusual news article. There's scant detail and much speculation. A web search provided no additional information.

          It appears to me that the Nebraska State Police takes care of its own. I'm impressed.


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            Very sad, but I too am left wondering what the rest of the story is.......


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              This is a sad case. I don't know what to say. I wish I could have been there before hand to tell him it was not his fault.

              He obviously felt tremendious guilt over the situation, which to me would have been a primary reason to live. There are not enough good people here. The bad guys would have laughed and been proud of themselves over a mistake like that. But a good man feels guilt, in this case severly so.

              If we can look at a situation like this, and judge Good by the amount of guilt one feels, this officer was one of the best.

              No one is perfect. A mistake like that may have been the hand of God calling his children home. That being said, all 5 victems may have died anyways, just under different circmstances. You can't blame yourself unless you pulled the trigger personally.

              I hope the victem's familiys of the tragity at the bank support the family of the officer at least. They are going to need it.
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