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    Originally posted by Fast 1:

    Are you sure you're not blonde??


    LOL! No, I'm not a blonde, although I have more than my share of *blonde moments*. Some days I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time.

    And for all you blondes out there, please don't stone me!

    My kids love the PS2. I don't play video games so I take their word for it that it's better than PS1. To me, the only difference is you can play movies on one. They swear the graphics are better on the games with PS2. They all look the same to me.

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      LOL it is ok katey I will not stone you for the blonde comment LOL I knew you could play a dvd on a ps2 but I had never talked to some who had. I guess my kids will just have to suffer with the ps1 and get all the games for it as they get cheaper lol

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        Originally posted by jellybean40:
        god, i dont think i'll get a DVD player after all! and i KNOW i dont want a big screen tv...i have 100 other household things i'd spend my money on before that.
        Won't have much choice. Because VHS is so thoroughly inferior to DVD, it is losing ground to DVD at a fast pace.

        Besides which, DVD offers far superior video and audio quality, and they have all those nifty special features! I can't stand VHS anymore.

        Another cool thing?
        www.netflix.com - No more latefees, unlimited rentals for 20 bucks a month and they mail the movies to your house first class...

        As for the Playstation 2. The graphics are of course nicer. Besides which, there are some fantastic games on the PS2 (metal gear solid 2, and Grand Theft Auto, and Grand Tourismo 3!!!) Cough. PS2 has great games. yes. And The Getaway is coming out soon... that looks like a blast... zooming around the streets of london working for the mob.
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          Katey, is your problem with the picture not just the black bars, but the fact that all the people in the movie look too tall, and kind of squished? If so, please read on, a buddy had the same problem.

          I have a friend who has a DVD player, and he loves widescreen. But on his, the widescreen was smashed, and distorted. Here was his problem- you can set a DVD player to think it is actually playing to a TV built FOR widescreen. This really maximizes the effect of widescreen movies if you can shell out the $$$ for a widescreen TV (a widescreen TV is shaped like a much longer rectangle than a normal TV, it is the size of a movie screen at the theater).

          Now, Blackhawk Down is a widescreen movie, but the DVD player should be set to assume it is playing a WIDESCREEN movie on a NORMAL tv. My buddy had it set so it was trying to play a WIDESCREEN movie on a WIDESCREEN tv, which he does not own.

          I have a PS2 as well, and I know that you can adjust those settings. It has caused me some weird moments when a movie is in the wrong setting.
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