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Firefighter Admits Starting Forest Fire


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  • Firefighter Admits Starting Forest Fire

    Last edited by Guest; 12-26-2003, 09:54 AM.

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    My oldest brother, Joe is a FF. I can't tell you how many stories he's told me about other FF's setting fires. I could never understand how someone could do that.

    I feel for all those people who lost their homes and all that wildlife that is gone. It's sickening.


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      That is very interesting. I'm really surprised by that. I thought my sister in law telling me she saw a FF throw a cigarette out of his car window was bad !! This is just so hard to believe !!
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        My brother got into FF way back when he was in high school. I don't know what the obsession is, but I swear it is just that for some of them. An obsession. I'm not saying it in a bad way, but I've seen how my brother gets when he responds to a fire and it can be scarey.

        I think they get such an adreneline rush when they're called to a fire. Maybe the pyromania thing is so the calls keep coming. Who knows. Whatever the cause, it's bad for the ones that are out there really making a difference and helping.

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          It's sad because of a few to tarnish the image that all fireman that risk there lives every day to save others. Especially after the tradgedy of 911. Let's try to remember these brave guys and forget few bad ones.
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            This guy is a CONTRACT fire fighter. He set the fire so that he would have a job. His family has actually gone on TV to apologize for him and to remind everyone that it was HIM and not every Apache who set the fire.

            This has got to be damn tough on the family to have to face up to. I feel for them, but I hope they "throw the book" at this guy!

            And I belive that Joseph is 100% on the mark with his post!
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              Yeah, 99% of these incidences are because some firefighter either needs overtime/is contract work/needs better job security or they get the hero mentality (if I light a fire and can put it out before it gets big, I look like the hero!) and stupid schidt happens like what is going on in Arizona and Colorado!
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