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  • Weird Pet Quirks

    Do your pets do anything weird or odd?

    My cat likes to eat cheese and egg yolks. She also likes to be rubbed on her belly like she is a dog.

    I had a dog once that liked to eat carrots. He also thought he was a mother to 3 kittens that we had who were motherless at 5 weeks.

    So, what are your pets' quirks?
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    My yellow lab, Rex, farts like theres no tomorrow.


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      My Golden Retriever WILL NOT set foot outside UNLESS I go with her AND take her Frisbee....
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        My aussie red queensland heeler loves climbing trees...shes better at it than my kids, silly dog also likes to walk on her hind legs whilst holdig your hand with her paws...must have something to do with aussie water


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          i like when my jack russell terrier, milo, just lays on his back with his teeth showing. and he'll lay there for the longest time so i guess he must be comfortable.
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            My female yorkie, Mitzi <g>, is realy neurotic. She likes to lay beside me when I'm drawing or watching TV but first, she drives me crazy. She patrols the couch and nothing, NOTHING, can be touching between the back cushions and the seat cushions. If there the newspaper, remote, a book, anything but me is touching the cushions, she will scratch at it util I move it. When she is confident that there isn't anything touching both cushions, she curls up and sleeps beside me.
            The other dog steals all her treats and hides them under our bed. I constantly have to take the broom and gently move it under there back and forth to break up the fights bewteen them because she wants her treats. She will emerge with a chewbone or something, walk to the door, turn back and stare at him then walk away like "Harumph!"
            The cat spends his time trying to figure out how to sit with me at the computer desk where there is NO ROOM. I hear him knocking everything over on the ledges as he gingerly makes his way (like I can't hear him...lol) He has even climbed the fake Fiscus tree by the desk to try to jump on my computer. I have said many obscenities when he jumps on my keyboard when I'm concentrating. And he's really messed my computer up sometimes too...I think he knows how, he's so smart. So, I sit here with a water bottle by the computer. That he won't come near. Also, he does not like people food or dog food. But, the devil the dogs, he will look at them to make sure they seem him then go pretend he's eating their food. Then all h*** breaks loose.
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              Dang, where to start?

              I have two Min Pin's, male & a female. Both very possessive and jealous. If I'm paying any attention to the female, he gets pizzed and grabs one of the chew toys and shakes it in her face. She falls for it every time, she grabs the bone, and runs under the coffee table. He jumps in my lap, mission accomplished.

              Both of them though will fall for this one. If I can get them still for a few minutes, I start asking, "Are you sleepy, are you a sleepy puppy"? Both of them will get droopy-eyed, their lids get heavy, they start batting their eyes and within a minute or so, they're out. They act just like my kids used to when they were fighting sleep.


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                When I was in the K-9 unit, my Belgian Mal loved peanut butter. It was his favorite treat. I would put it on the inside of one of those hollow bones and he would lick at it for hours! You wouldn't believe how crazy this dog was for PB! If he even saw the jar he would start wimpering and wagging his tail and just get all jittery! He couldn't wait!
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                  I have a little thirteen pound chihuahua rat mix
                  who screams. She doesn't howl like a normal dog, she SCREAMS. It is so embarrassing when I get ready to walk her.

                  She gets so excited thats she starts screaming like someone is pulling her claws out. [Eek!]

                  She also stares. If she's in the house and I'm sitting at the computer or on the couch, she sits and stares at me as if to say, "I want your attention NOW and if I don't get it I'll keep staring at you."
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                  • #10
                    My rotti Deuce, used to sleep in the bathtub when it got hot in the summer.

                    He also liked beer. Must be a German thing. I had to keep the bottles up high once they were opened. If I sat an opened botle on the coffee table, he would knock it over with his nose and lick it off of the floor. He'd make funny faces too, because the bubbles tickled his nose.

                    He also used to run to the window and howl whenever he heard sirens.


                    • #11
                      My dog has to run for about 15 to 20 feet before she will stop to do number two. I have yet to figure this out.
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                        My mutt Buddy who as best we can figure is Shepherd/Pitt Bull hates Harleys. Any other car or motorcycle no big deal but if he hears a Harley he goes nuts. He's the nicest dog you could want , he just doesn't like Harleys or the people on Harleys. It's kinda funny, my wife's ex rides a Harley
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                          I have a 14 month German Shepard who gets spare bricks from the flower bed border, works them around with his front paws, hunches over, then hikes them out past his rear legs far behind him.

                          He starts growling and howling at them if they don't cooperate with him.
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                            Our mini daschund will crawl around the house on her belly, dragging her rear legs behind her, pulling with her front legs. We call it "army dog". You can look at her and say "Sophe', army dog", and she just starts crawling.

                            Sometimes this is the highlight of entertaining our friends it is so cute!
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                            • #15
                              My dog is about as close to being human as any other I've ever seen.

                              Emotions. She smiles, she pouts, she shows concern and she "huffs" when she doesn't get her way.

                              She knows the sound of the microwave popcorn bag and will start pacing from the kitchen to the living room as its popping.

                              As soon as I break out the egg carton, she bolts for her crate and waits patiently (drooling, but patiently) until I give her some scrambled eggs.

                              She also eats peanut butter on pancakes. I also give her a spoon full of PB with her food every now and then, too.

                              The front door is hers. We don't use it...we go through the garage. If anyone walks up to it, she lets us know before they get halfway up the driveway. It does wonders for getting rid of solicitors . I had some church group (not Jehovah's) stand arm length away and gingerly lean toward the door with his pamphlet in the tips of his fingers so he wouldn't have to get too close to the door.

                              She howls at one of our phones. And she also howls at the Rugrats theme.


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