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Member chastises me


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  • Member chastises me

    In August I started a thread in the Family section regarding Promise Keepers.

    It went along well until 555 tried to hijack the thread and posted "History gives reason to be suspicious of large groups of white males."

    Several other members responded in surprise and frustration at the post by 555, and the thread kinda got off topic.

    So I made this post, "As I started this thread I would ask that everyone keep it about comments and reactions directly related to PK.

    Perhaps another thread regarding profiling, your problems with different groups, historical analysis, etc. could be started."

    I just discovered a PM from 555 sent on the same day that read, The posting of private messages from other users is a violation of the forum rules.
    So I ask, was my reply mean, curt or uncalled for?

    My initial reaction was to tell him to jump up my ***, but I realized THAT would be curt and uncalled for, so I just asked 555 if I hurt his/her feelings.


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    I don't think you did anything wrong. It really isn't good etiquitte (sp?) to start talking about something else then the thread is intended for. This happens sometimes when the thread gets very long but you posted that thread for your own reasons and the subject should not have been changed. If 555 wanted to go off track, he should have started his own thread. Just my opinion.


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      Without you taking this the wrong way, I believe the best way to handle a situation would have been to speak with a mod. Although I don't think you did anything wrong in the PK thread and had every right to be angry, telling what someone says to you in private isn't right. JMO.


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        I think the saying "You can never please everyone all the time" Comes to mind here. Yes a lot of threads seem to go thier own way some do not. It is not the fault of the original poster that they do that at times but it should NOT be thrown in their face when they try to get it back on track. Face it we all are pretty much on the same team. We do not need all this inner fighting.

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          No you didn't do anything wrong on the thread, and if anything, showed control.

          I wouldn't sweat it-it won't be the first time someone tries to throw the popular liberal spin on something wholesome. It's all about agendas.

          Don't think another thing about it.
          People have more fun than anybody.


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            While I dont think you did anything wrong in the Promise Keepers thread, that I can recall anyway, opening this thread to describe your private conversation with 555, was wrong. She messaged you in private, and thats where this discussion should have stayed.

            Thread Closed.


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