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    What's your favorite amusement park? How often do you go? What is your favorite ride?

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    Islands of Adventure at Universal-hands down, the best coaster I've been on is The Incredible Hulk.

    Other good ones are Carowinds and Busch Gardens.


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      I love Carowinds in NC (not sure if there are any others??). I also love Hershey Park here in PA. My first big amusement park that I went to was Great Adventure in NJ, although I haven't been in a really long time. I think I'd be to chicken to ride the coasters now.

      When I go to the shore with the kids, I always take them to Wonderland Pier in Ocean City, NJ. It's full of rides. My kids try so hard to get me on anything scarey, but lately all I've been able to handle is the Tilt-A-Whirl. God, I'm such a wuss.

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        I saw the new coaster at Six Flags America outside DC. You're lying face down in a free flight position under the track. One of these days, I'll be on it!

        It's been quite a few years since I've been to Carowinds. When I went they still had the Days of Thunder motion ride. AWESOME! And "The Hurler" in the Wayne's World section.


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          Originally posted by FLLawdog:
          I saw the new coaster at Six Flags America outside DC. You're lying face down in a free flight position under the track. One of these days, I'll be on it!
          I'd probably die of a heart attack if I ever got on that.


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            Six Flags over Texas. During the summer, my favorite ride is Roaring Rapids. During Holiday in the Park its The Mine Train.

            BTW, anyone else seen the Shockwave since they repainted it? I think it looks terribile now.
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              I'd have to go with Busch Gardens Tampa with Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh getting a mention along with Kings Island


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                The one not too far from me, Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


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                  Why, the Boardwalk!

                  You want frightening? a 90 year old wooden roller coaster that's been through several earthquakes, one a 7.0...
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                    Since my son has been 5 yrs old we've tried to visit a different amusement patk each summer.

                    I'm taking nim to Knoebels Park in Elysburg, PA, next month. We've never been there before but I've heard many good things about the place.

                    In the recent past we've gone to Dorney Park in PA and the Boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. My son enjoyed them both.

                    Kennywood is on the list for next year if they get it put back together after the recent storm damage. Cedar Point in Ohio is another that we'd like to visit.

                    Hershey Park has been my personal favorite so far.


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                      I'm not big on amusement parks... now the Boardwalk... thats a different story!

                      Maybe it depends on what you grew up doing, i grew up at the shore every summer. We did use to go to Great Adventure, but i wasnt crazy about it. Been to Disney World and...hmmm, i think that's all. I would go on the water rides and maybe something slow and calm LOL.

                      The memories i have at the Boardwalk are great tho...as a crazy (drunk) teen i went on plenty of rides back then. Hell Hole rules!!! with the Himalaya coming in second! we loved the loud music and the quick switch to backward motion... and god those laser light shows...
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                        Well, since the subject came up... Let me tell you about ole' SGT Dave:

                        I'm NOT an amusement park fan-I don't even enjoy the rides. I DO like "water rides" but nothing else.

                        I used to, as a kid and teenager, but saw an episode of "20-20" about the dangers of amusement park rides, and it changed me. I don't see the "thrill" as being worth the risk. I KNOW it's rare, but they do break, and people get hurt. The episode of "20-20" I saw, even had footage of a ride breaking WHILE THEY WERE THERE FILMING. They were just there to get "background footage" and a ride came apart, and hurt the worker on the ride.

                        My friends laugh at this, and obviously think I'm too paranoid, and said that it "never" happens, but after our trip to Carowinds, everytime I see a newstory about a carnival ride injuring someone (4-6 times a year probably) I email it to them.

                        And lest you think I'm just a "scaredey cat" I don't see it that way. I do wilderness backpacking in sub-zero weather sometimes, I SCUBA dive (even though I can't swim A LICK) and have indeed swam near sharks and barracuda.) My job also requires some pretty adrenaline pumping things sometimes too. I'm at peace with the fact that the first call I take when I go back to work could involve 3 drunks with guns and the desire to kill a cop-ya never know. I just don't go "looking for it" by riding rides I don't get the jollies from ANYWAY.

                        I just don't see the thrill anymore in carnival rides. So sue me...

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                          Originally posted by FLLawdog:
                          Islands of Adventure at Universal-hands down, the best coaster I've been on is The Incredible Hulk.

                          Other good ones are Carowinds and Busch Gardens.
                          FLLawdog -- I agree 100% on "the Hulk"!! i just loved the way that thing just TOOK off like a bat outta hell, you go through that tunnel, and then right into the first loop....WOW, what a rush that was!!!

                          the 3-D "spiderman" ride/attraction there was great too. there was also another REALLY great attraction there as i liked -- "poseidon's adventure"...did you walk through that?? that was simply amazing!!

                          we also rode another coaster at Universal...i can't remember the name of it, but as soon as we came out of the loading area and the coaster waits to take off, it just started raining like all hell...so then the coaster starts it climb and then we take off, all while in the major downpour. i was laughing so hard flying around on that thing in the pouring rain...that was the most fun i ever had on a coaster!!!

                          busch gardens in Williamsburg was great too. the "alpengeist" is another great coaster.

                          i still really like the old style wooden coaster rides. not as adventurous as the newer ones, but they are still great!!

                          i had a lot of fun at kings island (cincinnati), cedar point, and kennywood as well.

                          but Univeral Islands of Adventure is my favorite park just because we had so much fun there. the dr. seuss land was terrific. i really enjoyed walking around the "city walk" in the evening, especially since we had dinner at "emeril's"....WOW, what a great dining experience that was. everything we had was absolutely tremendous!!!

                          if it was up to me, i'd go back to universal tomorrow!

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                            Busch Gardens but I'm scared s$$tless of roller coasters but go on them.
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                              I like those little cars that go around slowly in a circle. The ones with a buzzer for a horn. WEEEEEEEE!!!!!

                              To answer the question seriously, Cedar Point. Can't pick a favorite ride.


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