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  • It was found!

    God was watching over us! Yesterday, when my husband went to go through the security thing, he "beeped" so he had to put his brand-new company laptop in a plastic bin so they could use the wand on him. (Hush up, dirty When he went back to get it, it was gone. Talk about upset! He has only been with this company 2 months and he thought "Bye Bye job!"
    Seems as though a woman in Houston accidentally picked his up and is airmailing his to him. Her computer is with security at the Atlanta airport and they are flying it there and having someone bring it to her.
    He was very very lucky. Like someone said, theft IS a big problem at the airports. Women who put their purses through the x-ray machine are having them stolen at he other end as they are checked. I'm sure all kinds of people have stuff taken that way. It's not hard beause airports are so busy. At he Atlanta airport, people can melt into the crowd even easier.
    My H said he will now have his computer marked with a label with his business card taped to it. These poor business men and women are up a creek without a paddle if they lose their computers!

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    When I was younger I loved to fly. I even dreamed of becoming a flight attendant but let my dream get derailed because of worrying parents.

    I don't think I would enjoy it now because of the searches, long lines and assorted problems caused by bomb threats. I like to zip along the highway in my new minivan. It makes me feel more in control. I refuse to let anyone kill my spirit of adventure. I don't spend much time thinking about terrorists, road rage, etc. If I want to go somewhere I just get in the car and go. I must admit I get a little nervous sometimes if I have to put my purse in one of those metal detector things so I try to use one eye to watch for it come out the other end. So far I have been lucky.


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      Glad to hear it all turned out OK.

      IF only the airports could find a way to reduce the chances of theft ... possibly allowing one person at a time through the line at a time, maintaining a "secure" area around the machine?
      "Public service is not just a job.
      It is an act of citizenship."
      ---G.W. Bush


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        That's a good idea, Leslie. We are both just so relieved. Business computers are so expensive. It's not the computer itse;f, which is expensive, but they have thousands of dollars woth of programs on them.
        I tell yoiu, my H retires in 7 years and I am throwing him the BIGGEST retirement party EVER! He works so hard and has had to got through and put up with so much stuff. He's a hard worker and a wonderful husband and father. I really admire him a lot. I just felt so bad for him when he came home. He was so upset.
        He said the woman and he both said they could hear the relief in each others voices. I don't think my H would have been required to buy another one but she said she thought she would have been required to have at least bought another computer but not the programs on it.


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