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Detroit Cop on Trial For Shooting Deaf Male


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  • Detroit Cop on Trial For Shooting Deaf Male

    Anyone else been following this on COURT TV? I just caught the closing arguments. If you want the whole story refer to the Court TV web site.

    Basically the cop shot to protect his partner who was about to be assaulted with a steel garden rake. The suspect was under the influence of crack-cocaine and had just terrorized his own family. At one point he even held a butcher knife to his own son's throat before 911 was called.

    One thing the DA did in closing arguments that really angered me was when he practically mocked the fact this Officer had to be judged on a split-second decison by saying, if I remember correctly: "If you just drove through a red light in a split second decison you can bet that this defendant (cop) would not hesitate to judge you- why should he get special treatment"?!

    He also called the cop a "Cowboy" for being the only one who shot despite the fact that atleast two others on scene had their guns out. The cop who was the intended victim stated he was about to pull the trigger himself before his partner did.

    There was more Bull**** he was spewing but you get the idea. I honest to god do not know how this DA can sleep at night.

    Your thoughts???

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    As a LEO here in Michigan I've had many conversations in reference to this shooting and the subsequent trial. To put it mildly we've all come to the conclusion (and rather quickly) that it's a crock.

    There was a similar shooting here in the Lansing area where a mentally unstable man pulled a knife on two officers. He repeatedly advanced on the officers with the knife, slashing as he approached. The officers told him on numerous occasions to drop the knife and drew their weapons. After the man nearly struck one of the officers with the knife he was shot and eventually died. Of course there are people up in arms over the shooting.

    Our feelings haven't changed. Just because an individual has a physical handicap doesn't give them the right to attack an officer. It also doesn't prlude the officers from defending themselves or other around them from physical injury or death.

    It's just another sad statement of some of our society's views towards police officers.

    If you haven't already, take a look in the announcements section of the forum and the thread about no outrage for a fallen officer. It details a LEO killing in Jersey City, NJ where Officer Infantes was killed in front of his family on the 4th of July. It further substantiates the lack of public support at times of us LEO's.

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      If you are ever involved in a deadly force encounter, 2 things you can bet your last dollar on...

      1) The news media will do everything they can to make you look like a crazed nazi stormtrooper with a self rightous attitude that you can do anything you want at the public's expense.

      2) The judicial system is going to look for a nice sturdy cross that will not sway in the wind or a rope that will not break when the trapdoor is dropped underneath you...

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        Didnt this case just finish. The officer was aquitted.
        As my friend says: All Narc, No Bite


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