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Stolen Laptop?


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  • Stolen Laptop?

    My H travels and just called me. When he was oing through a checkpoint at the airport, his laptop made it beep. He had to put it in a plastic tub to go through and when he went back to get it.....it was gone. He looked around to see if anyone was walking off with one, thinking it was theirs but saw no one.
    He is SO upset and the airline says they are not responsible.
    He has only had this new job 2 months and is so concerned he could lose his job over this. We both are. I simply can not believe our lives sometimes.
    I pray someone accidentally picked it up, thinking it was theirs but I don't have much hope at this point.
    Why can't life go smoothly, even if it's just for a few months?????

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    With heightened security measures, don't they have security cameras over that section? Can't the airport security check the tapes?
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      I don't know, Rachel. This just happened so I don't know what they are doing. I, personally, think they should have to pay for it because they are the one that made him put it in the plastic tub they provided for it. But, I don't know if they had disclaimers up or wht. I can't imagine my H putting it there it they did have disclaimers but the fact remains is it's gone.
      I just feel so bad for my H.....He works so hard and now this.


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        Despite the heightened security, and I would say especially because of it, thefts at airport security checkpoints are on the rise.

        The reason for it is because you're being detained for longer periods, and you're very distracted, giving the crooks a better opportunity to take the stuff "right from under your nose."

        Having flown twice since 9/11, I make it a point to NOT put anything on the conveyor belt until just before I walk through the detector. To make sure I don't set off the detector (and delay me further), I make sure to remove ALL metal items and place them in my carry-on bag. I figure the less time I'm separated from my belongings, the less likely they're going to disappear.

        As far as who's paying for the laptop...I'm afraid your husband is out of luck making the airport paying for it. This sort of thing has been going on long before 9/11, and I know of no case where an airport has been held responsible for thefts of items at the security checkpoints.


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          My H did make sure he had nothing to set it off...When he put the laptop where THEY told him to, "he" no longer beeped going through the checkpoint. So, either someone picked it up thinking it was theirs OR (and I think this was what happened), someone was just waiting for an oppurtunity. It's a sad state of affairs when a hardworking man is put through this but we all know that the person that took this could not have cared less about him.
          It just seem that, if there is going to be bad luck, we are magnets for it.


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            Mitzi, sorry about this it seems like if you have any luck it's all bad. Seems like they should be able to check the tapes and be responsible for this. It only takes a good thief a second if they know what they doing. What airlines?
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              He may have lucked out....Seems there is a laptop there not picked up at the same time he boarded. I'm not sure what airline. But it looks like now someone DID pick his up accidentally because there is an IBM laptop no one picked up. My H looked at it and said it was not his. He wanted to take it and look in it to see whose it was because it looks like this person has his but the airlines wouldn't let him. He asked them to do it but they wouldn't.
              So, we wait and we hope the person realizes what has happened. My H has learned his lesson. He said if he gets it back, it's never leaving his sight, he is going to stick a neon pink label on it plus tape his business card to it. I told him to remember there is another businessman out there that needs his computer as much as he needs his as far as work is involved so jopefully we will hear something soon. That is, of course, unless someone placed a junk one there for a new one. Who knows?
              There is enough info in it they can return it to his company. The problem is he's up a creek without a paddle until he gets it or a new one because he can do no work until then.
              I have a nice diner of sphaghett of with marinara sauce, his block of Parmesean cheese and his favorite wine waiting for hi to try to cheer him up a bit.
              Live and learn.
              I sure wish you all could meet my H. I never tell him enough but he's always been a wonderful husband and father. He sure hasn't deserved what life has thrown at him.

              [ 06-27-2002: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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                LOL Mitzi you would be surprised at the number of laptops that are loss at airports. In the past six months I think that we have had three laptops that made it to lost and found. Heck you would be surprised at the items that make it to lost and found period. LOL

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