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    After giving considerable thought to the Pledge ruled unconstitutional thread, I have come to the conclusion that is basically an impossible task for the public schools to not tread ground that is contrary to someone's beliefs. Then there is the general decline in the level of education that the public schools are providing. Would vouchers not be a better way to go?

    In California the state spends approximately $6000 per student on education. If the state were to issue a voucher for say $3000 to the parents of any child who opted for private education the parents would have more say in how their child is educated and the state would save money.
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    The problem with vouchers, at least in my opinion, are that they contribute to making a "bad" school worse. The vouchers issue originally came up because as a way to get kids out of underperforming public schools. With many schools being underfunded as it is I don't think that it makes sense to take more money away from schools who are already struggling. Giving the parents $3,000 out of $6,000 seems to make sense but it's not really that cut and dry. One student leaving doesn't automacially mean that the school has saved $6,000. They still need the same number of teachers, same size building... etc.

    What I see happening if vouchers become widespread is this; Private schools get overcrowded due to the influx of students, quality of education goes down, and they start having the same problems as public shools. Meanwhile public schools loose so much funding that they have to scale back, cut most of the teachers, only the worst students are left (stupid, violent, whatever), At which no teacher want's to teach there and no student want's learn there, the public school is either in terrible shape or closes all together.
    Of course this is just my theory. Maybe it could work out that private schools expand enough to accomodate all the new students (quality possibly becomes a factor), and with the reduced student load the public schools can catch up to the quality level of education the private schools (presumably) have. I personally think that the doomsday scenario will be more prevelant but who knows.

    I think that the situation in Cleveland needs to be watched. I think that once the court battle is settled (assuming that vouchers are held as Constitutional) that many parents will pull their kids out of public schools. I'd like to see what happens at that point.
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      Hi, I am moving this to the Various Topics forum under Law & Politics. Please continue the thread there.
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