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Computers are our FRIENDS, riiiight....?


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  • Computers are our FRIENDS, riiiight....?

    My department JUST got computerized. We now have the ability to put all our reports on computer and zip to who knows where. BUT...we still have to write out our incident/arrest/etc reports(the old fashioned way), IN ADDITION to doing all the TIBRS stuff on the computer.....

    Oh, yeah...our 1-page Tennessee Uniform Citation(that we also used for our warrants/traffic tickets/ordinance violations/etc), just got replaced with a FOUR-paged warrant, and our 2-page incident report was replaced with a FOUR-paged nightmare.

    Somebody remind me WHY I like this job...?
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    Man, it sounds like the powers that be there are stuck in the dark ages. Four pages for a citation? Is somebody in the chief's office trying to justify their existence?

    We use a regular citation for both traffic and misdemeanors. If it is an infraction, any necessary notes go on the back of the officer's copy. If it is a misdo, a report gets written - face sheet and narrative page. In-custody arrests necessitate a face sheet, narrative and statement of probable cause (shouldn't be more than three or four sentences) for the jail (gets read to a judge by telephone if the suspect won't be arraigned within 48 hours). On a crime report where a warrant is requested, it's just the face sheet and narrative, with an affidavit page attached by a detective. Really simplifies things.
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