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  • Trading Spaces

    I have to admit it...I'm addicted to his show. And Paige Davis is HOT
    Walk slow, Talk low, and Don't say Too Much.

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    TO: Ron1432
    FROM: SGT Dave
    REF: Evaluation of submitted subject as potential "Hottie"
    DATE: 9-23-02

    Although I have never watched the show, after careful review, I have concluded that I concur with your analysis-

    People have more fun than anybody.


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      Based on my 5th amendment rights I will not be forced to admit to either!!! (or something!)


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        Oooh, I love Trading Spaces! Who are your favorite designers? Mine are Frank and Vern. I wouldn't let Doug touch anything of mine though.. he's such a jerk.

        They have a couple of new designers. This one woman, Kia, did a family room in green and purple. I like those colors together but not in a family room. I don't think she'll last.
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          FAMILY ROOMS?
          "Vern" and "Frank"?

          What are YOU talking about?????????

          Rachel-you just don't get it do you????


          Leave it to a woman to think we care about the show itself...

          People have more fun than anybody.


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            SGT Dave, Paige is definately my favorite ( ), but, check out

            Something about a woman with a toolbelt.....

            [ 09-23-2002, 11:32 AM: Message edited by: Ron1432 ]
            Walk slow, Talk low, and Don't say Too Much.


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              I'm more partial to the British version known as Changing Rooms (on which "Trading Spaces" is based) which airs on BBC America.

              I'm enthralled by host Carole Smillie's Scottish accent, and there's something sinister-yet-sexy about designer Anna Ryder-Richardson!

              [ 09-23-2002, 11:35 AM: Message edited by: Sig220Man ]


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                Hey! I love this show! I have been watching it since it first aired. I would definately want Frank to be the one redoing my house.
                I love Ty, the carpenter. I think he has the best personality! He always seems so happy and free spirited!
                Have you all seen the new show on TLC called "While you were out"? It is pretty much like Trading Spaces but they have more people working on the room and more money. It's pretty good. I loved the "Alaskan Room" that they did this weekend.
                In valor there is hope - Tacitus


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                  My wife likes it, I can't stand it. I would never let those so called designers touch my house, a pre-schooler would do a better job.


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                    I agree, Max. I've never seen a rom they have done that I liked. Some are absolutely horrendous! I remember one show where a wife ran out of the room crying, it as so horrible.
                    Paige may be a hottie but the designers have some issues


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                      Yo!!! I LOVE Paige!!!

                      All you horndogs stay away from her [Wink]

                      We watch the show every week. I don't care for the new guy. I do like Genevieve. And Laurie from last year. The wife likes Vern's rooms.
                      "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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                        While some of their ideas left me scratching my head and saying WTF, given the conditions ($1K, two days and limited resources), they do a damn good job.

                        The one lady who only lasted a few episodes the first season was just awful She's the one that did the room that the lady left crying. It was plain hideous. I'd let Vern do one of my rooms. I'd also let Genevieve do anything she wanted to my house !


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                          Originally posted by Ron1432:


                          Something about a woman with a toolbelt.....[/QB]

                          This one got's my vote [Eek!]
                          Hey can we start a poll on which T.P. girl is the hottest?


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                            My wife dreams of going on Trading Spaces but I refuse to wear the goofy dress shirt and pretend I like redecorating.

                            While I like looking at Paige and Amy I really would like to go on "While You Were Out." In that show the husband takes a hike for the day and his wife along with show staff redecorate a room. Some goof's have gone on and gotten massages (no FFL, not that kind of massage) and done other "turn in your man card" types of things.

                            If we went on the show I think I would head over to my friend's house where he has a new kegerator. They could film me sampling various malt beverages, eating prime rib.
                            If you see me running try to keep up!


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                              I LOVE Paige!!

                              Check out this pic:

                              Do your best, do what is right


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