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Siblings? Yes or No?


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  • Siblings? Yes or No?

    For those of you that have siblings, are you close friends or have you always had a rivalry?
    Do you have brothers or sisters? Would you rather had a brother or a sister?

    For those only children, do you wish you would've had siblings or do you like being the only child?

    I have two brothers, we are very close. They are both older. One is 37, one is 34 and I am 26 so there is a great gap. We have always been the best of friends! I remember us doing that "blood" thing when we were young and swearing that we would always look out for each other, and no one would come between us. My brothers would always let me go play with them and their friends. I was always the only girl! I didn't grow up in a neighborhood that had a lot of kids (especially girls), so my brothers felt sorry for me playing all alone I guess. I didn't have any sisters, I really don't think I've ever wanted one.
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    I have 3 brothers - 1 older, 2 younger. I get along very well with my two younger brothers, Michael and Steven, with Steve being my fave (shhhhh, don't tell). I had a falling out with my oldest brother, Joe a number of years ago but things are slowly getting back to the way they should be. I love all of my brothers and wouldn't trade them in for anyone in the world.

    As for wanting a sister - yes, most definitely I wanted one. There are some things you just can't tell a brother - girl stuff! But then again, my best friend of 30 years (Pam), is as close to blood as any real sister. If I could have chosen anyone for a sister growing up, it would have been her. She's awesome.


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      I have one sister, who I have a close relationship with. I think I am more open about how much I love her and tell her I love her often. She on the other hand doesn't tell me she loves me, but I know she does. I think its because she feels funny about showing emotions for some reason. She tells me her problems and has cried to me many times. She is older by two years and has made some pretty bad decisions in life. She has lied to me on more than one occassion about very serious things, but no matter how many lies or deceptions she knows, I have unconditional love for her, as she does for me.

      She is quite the opposite of me, which just floors my mom and dad. Fortunately, they show her that same unconditional love. we have awesome parents.
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        I'm the 2nd of 4 brothers, 1 older by3 years and 2 younger. We all took times beating the heck out of each others growing up. Now since we are all older, we are still close. We may not talk every month or even every other month, but we always know what each one is up to. We all live in different states,(NH,MA,NJ,NC), so its hard to see each other. The best thing about us is if one needs something, the others are there in one form or another.


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          I have 1 half-sister, but she's 35 and I'm 18. We didn't grow up together, so I don't feel very close. I kinda wish I had someone close to my age to grow up with. But at the same time, I loved being spoiled by being the only child!
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            How I wish I had your stories but I don't. I have an identical twin sister and a brother 3 years younger then me. We were raised by a manic depressive mother. I know it wasn't her fault. I am only 2 minutes older then my sister but was alway considered the "eldest" daughter and she was the "youngest" daughter. I was always supposed to "know better then her" because I was "older" 2 minutes. If we got in trouble, I was punished and she wasn't because I should have known better because I was "older". It was really very sad.I feel 10 years older then her and I don't feel like a twin at all. We e-mail occassionally but that's about it.
            I have not seen my brother in over 20 years and have no idea where he is. He does not want my Mother to find him.
            It's really very sad.


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              Two brothers: one older, one younger- 25 and 17, I'm 20. I always got along great with my older brother(david), but up until about two/three years ago, I seriously hated my younger brother(kevin). Now we get along great- I think we both had some growing up to do. I was closer with my older brother for most of my life, but now I am with my younger brother because he lives nearby. Dave still lives in NJ, and he's always working so we don't talk much- miss him bunches.
              I never wanted a sister. Brothers are more fun and they have cute friends.
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                I have one sister. She is 12 years older than me. We don't hate each other but we're not close either. She lives in another country, so I haven't seen her in 6 years. But we email each other every now and then.

                I always wanted to have an older brother!!



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                  I have 2 sisters, one is 58 and one is 56. i'm 43, and dont even really remember a time when they lived at home. when i was in kindergarten, my one sister was entering college and the other was already there, and getting married.

                  when i was 10, my first nephew was born, and he was like my little brother. we hung out alot, he lived in the same town. we kept hanging out all the way thru when he was in high school even. when my parents and i traveled, he came on the trips.

                  as far as being close, i was never really close with my oldest sister, i think she treated me more like she was my mother, and she was very goody-goody. my other sis is like me we are close and get along great, and have lots of fun together. my nephew married a perfect princess, and now his $hit doesnt stink we are not close, and i miss him alot.

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                    I have one brother. He is seven years older than me, and growing up, we really didn't get along to well together. We were, and still are polar opposites. There are some fond memories, but overall, it was pretty rocky. Nothing really bad, just lots of arguing and childish stuff. I dont blame him, or hate him for it, I was just as much to blame as he was for our problems.

                    We barely know each other and we rarely speak to each other. But now, as adults, when we are together, which is really rare, everything is ok. I love him, and would do anything for him, simply because no matter what happens he will always be my brother.

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                      I have one brother, 15 months older. We were never close, fought a lot growing up and
                      since he was the first born and the son, he got away with things that I couldn't.

                      Now that we are adults, I still live in that shadow. He finally gave my folks grandbabies,
                      has a good career, wonderful wife, great home, blah blah blah.

                      I'm the black sheep, divorced, no kids, my home is 120 years old.

                      We keep in touch sometimes by email or phone, but I avoid it.
                      I guess I don't like the questions, when are you going to settle down,
                      do something with your life, plan for the future?

                      Darn, I think I got up too early!
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                        I have an older brother & sister and one younger sister who is only 18 months my junior. We were all close growing up, but my younger sister and I were playmates so we were very close. As adults we all still get along and everyone is happy in their lives.
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                          I have 1 sister that i share the same parents with and 2 half siblings. that have a different dad. And as of july my sister who was my best friend is now the scum of the earth. [Frown]
                          "To each his own"


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                            Hmmm....what made her go from Best Friend to Scum of Earth?
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                              The fact that my moms life insurance was more important then how well i was faring after getting my *** kicked by my soon to be ex-husband.
                              "To each his own"


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