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    Iced tea, don't care for hot drinks and haven't tried any of the iced coffees. I need to do that sometime soon.


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      I drink a lot of iced tea. I miss my sweet tea. Can't have it because of diabetes but I found a better sweetner for me then aspartane...It's called Splenda. It's made from a sugar molecule and the body recognizes it as a nutrient rather a chemical, which is what aspartane is.
      Splenda is twice as expensive but better for me.
      And my husband even bought me The Iced Tea Pot make by Mr. Coffee. I love it.
      Diabetes really sucks though.


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        Coffee's ok, IF it's freezing cold outside with ice or snow on the ground. Otherwise, coffee sucks.

        I drink about a gallon of Lipton tea a day. Very cold, and very sweet, the way God intended.

        Making it any other way should be punishable by caning.


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        Road Warrior

        "Every man dies, not every man really lives"


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          Oooh, I love a good coffee. My favorite used to be this blend called Haitian Blue. I knew a coffeeshop owner and she used to sell it, couldn't find it anywhere else.

          However, I restricted my caffeine intake about 10 months ago and no longer drink coffee. I might drink a decaf iced tea with splenda every now and then but not much.

          MMm, I can still smell it.. Mmmm
          No partner is worth your tears -
          the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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            I absolutely hate coffee. I would rather eat mud first!!!!

            But then again, I have only tried the cheap stuff like Folgers and Maxwell House, never tried any of the good coffee that Sparky is talking about.

            Now I likes me some Crapucino. That stuff is pretty good. Mostly I just drink the gas station stuff when I am on road trips, and thats for the caffiene rush.

            As for tea, that is my favorite drink. I could survive off of sweet tea alone. But in the interest of health I have cut back. now I just drink it with meals.


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              Not much of a coffee drinker. I'll have a cup now & then at work on a cold morning. Just sugar, please. Tea I can drink a lot of. Iced tea with sugar & lemon are preferred but I can drink it unsweet & unlemony. I do like some of the raspberry tea & peach tea flavors at some of the restaurants & the wife has bought some flavorings for at home. I'll drink hot tea when it's cold or I'm not feeling well.


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                Cops hating coffee?? And admitting to such on a police officer forum? I think the world's going to come to an end

                Forget Weapons of Mass Destruction. The best way for a terrorist to incapacitate the majority of America's law enforcers is to somehow cut off our supply of coffee and pain relievers. We'd have such pounding headaches (from the caffeine withdrawals) that we couldn't come to work!

                I totally blame law enforcement for my addiction. Prior to working at the PD, I didn't even like coffee. Now, I MUST have a cup within an hour of waking up, or I'll have a headache that no amount of pain relievers will cure.

                Starbucks in my opinion is a complete waste of money. There's a small group of people in Seattle who are rolling in dollar bills and laughing at the rest of us, and no it's not Bill Gates and his cronies

                My preferred brand when in the field or vacationing? Believe it or not it's 7-11. It tastes good, there's a variety of creams and sweeteners to choose from, and best of all, I'm only paying a buck (on those few occasions where I'm actually charged for it). Plus they're all over the US and Canada. For home-brewing I buy Folger's Classic Roast.

                (Yes, I know at least a couple of you are gagging right now, but then I think Starbucks tastes like coffee you've left in the pot way too long.)

                While I like coffee, I think some of you have an addiction that can't be attributed to caffeine. When I wake up in the afternoon, I'm so groggy I can barely manage getting the coffee into the coffeemaker without making a mess. Going through the trouble of grinding the beans for each pot is simply way too much effort. When I want coffee, I WANT IT NOW!!! I'd drink instant coffee if it didn't taste so horrible!

                As far as growing your own in climate controlled greenhouses: Dinosaur, are you sure you're not from Seattle?

                [ 09-23-2002, 11:22 AM: Message edited by: Sig220Man ]


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                  I'll drink both, coffee or tea, just don't drink much of either.

                  Coffee, I used to drink it black, but lately I've been having it extra, extra (cream and sugar)

                  Tea, I'll drink that straight.

                  PS. Kate.....what flavors do you come in??


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                    Whatever flavor she is, you won't have to add sugar. She's sweet enough as she is. [Wink]


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                      Can't stand either one of them. When I worked in the cold climes, I would drink coffe if I was on one of those extended outdoor assignements and had to have something warm. I've probably had 10 cups my whole.


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