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    So today I was driving to work down the highway and Im stopped at a red light and I hear the sirens going and Im looking around for the squad.... and I see it! On the other side of the highway this old old old man driving 20 mph down a 65 zone and this cop following him lights aznd siren and everything.... Of course traffic is backed up for about three blocks and another officer is trying to catch up through all the traffic that is being impeded. All I could do was bust out laughing. I laugh hard.. and long... The old guy was just moving along like he hadn't a care in the world and was totally oblivious to the fact he was being stopped... I can just hear the officer calling out the stop... "Yeah... I think he's slowing to about 5 mph. No wait.... 10.. no back to five again I He's had his left blinker on for about a mile He might try and ditch me."

    Funny thing was... the part about the left blinker... IS TRUE.... lol.. Man it was comical.

    What kinds of strange/odd things have you seen other people do? Especially in front of the police.
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    LMAO! I saw two guys, stopped at a red light, both gunning their engines, ready to race, when a cruiser pulled up behind them. The two morons both gunned it the second the light changed. I was laughing so hard. I imagine the officer was too.

    Best part- there was a situation on Cops once that was almost exactly the same.

    I ran a red light by accident with a cruiser behind me once one night. The vehicle in front of me was an 18 wheeler, and I didn't notice until I was through the light that it was red. "Hi Sir, wasn't that a pretty red light?" He laughed and told me to pay a bit better attention. Such a moron, I am.

    I saw a woman breast feeding a baby once while she was driving!! That really ****ed me off because she's not paying attention to the road anyway, increasing the chance she's gonna wreck, and the baby would be crushed or thrown through the window when she did.

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      Most people drive around with their head up thier asses. That's why I like physical contact better then audible or visual.

      One time, I saw this kid driving one of these jap box pieces if Sheeeeit, and I decided to write him a few pieces. He had all sorts of equipment violations going on, and I was sure that if I followed him long enough, I'd get a few movers as well. So I'm following this kid in his little Civic with the 4 foot wing hanging off the back, and the 22" wheels, and the coffee can exhaust. Lane change - no signal. Red light - takes off like a bat out of hell up to 60 miles an hour (in a 35). Theres an unsafe start vio. and a speeder.

      SO I pull behind him, light em up and.............................nothing. He doesnt pull over. So I give him a blip of the siren.............nadda. We come to a red light, I walk up to the car, mind you my lights are still on. Tap his drivers side window with the ASP, and then I see he's wearing headphones. He looks over and nearly craps himself. Told him to pull over when the light changed. He did, and I ended up wrting him all of his pieces.


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        heh... thats a good one CiNY. I was thinking about another time. I was doing a ride along with my Sergeant. we were trying to catch this guy on warrants. We knew he lived in the city and were waiting in his apartment complex parking lot when our reserves catch a glimpse of him walking back to the complex from the store. So on foot we wait for him to pass us (out of his view obviously) and approach from behind him. Sarge calls out his name, he turns around and another officer comeing from the other direction walks up and tells him he's under arrest for warrants. He says Im not "Johnny Horn". And after the cuffs go on my sarge says, whats your name then?
        Suspect:Ahhhh Its Mark.... Mark Anderson.
        Sarge:Whats your date of birth???
        Suspect: Ah....
        Sarge: Wait.... let me get a pen so I can write this down.
        Suspect: 12-12-70
        Sarge: K good Johnny, (puts his pen away) You know Johnny, we happend to have an investigator with that exact name.
        Suspect: Aww man!

        **names and dates have been changed for obvious reasons**

        Was funny... they ended up charging him with false info too.
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          As an MP many people visiting the base forget that we are from all parts of the country any way one day I stopped a lady for going the wrong way around a traffic circle, make my approach and she is acting all confused I tell her my reason for stop and she hands me her license. I ask her if she has lived at this address for very long she tells me about 10 years. Ok good enough I run her stuff it is all clean get back up to the vehicle and ask her again about the address she tells me the same thing. I look at her and explain the facts to her


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