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    This makes me sick to my stomach. I wish we she is caught someone would just beat the sh*t out of her so she knows how bad it hurts. It is senseless. And they say she was not tramatized? oh please. This sort of thing stays with you forever. Everyday you think about it and wonder what you could have done that was so awful to be beat on like a punching bag. There is nothing a child can do that deserves a beating. I see how angry this has made all of you (me included) BUT don't forget, this is one child that's case was publicized. This kind of thing happens everyday, every hour, every minute... it's just usually behind closed doors. I know first hand. I know about lying and saying you "fell off your bike", etc. One thing about it though, I can not understand. My mother never hit me or abused me. (It was my father that liked using broken 2X4's as belts). I always thought there was this maternal thing between a mother and her child (I know I have it with my son, I would never hurt him and would kill anyone that did). I can't see how a mother that carried that baby for nine months and experienced it's growth and development and birth, etc could do such a thing. I wish they would call me when they get her in custody, I would gladly beat the sh*t out of her. Maybe when she gets to jail, they will "forget" to put her in protective custody [Wink]
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      http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20020921/ap_on_re_us/videotaped_ beating_19

      Videotaped Mom Surrenders to Police
      Sat Sep 21, 7:04 PM ET
      By TOM COYNE, Associated Press Writer

      MISHAWAKA, Ind. (AP) - A mother turned herself in to police Saturday to face a child battery charge, eight days after a nationally televised videotape depicted her shaking, slapping and punching her 4-year-old daughter in a store parking lot.

      Madelyne Gorman Toogood, 26, and her lawyer met police at an undisclosed location and arrived at the police station late Saturday afternoon, Lt. Jeff Giannuzzi said.

      The daughter, in the company of her father, Johnny Toogood, grandparents and other relatives, was being examined at a hospital, prosecutor Chris Toth said.

      "She's safe. We just have to, at this point, make sure there are not any deeper physical injuries," Toth said. "She's a sweet, wonderful girl. Physically she looks fine."

      An arrest warrant issued Friday charged Toogood with battery to a child, which carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison. Earlier a judge set her bond at $5,000, although prosecutors had requested a $50,000 bond because of her transient history, Toth said.

      Toogood will be booked at the county jail, and would be released after posting bail, Toth said. Child Protective Services was determining whether the girl could leave with her father.

      Police had been searching for Toogood and her daughter since the Sept. 13 incident, caught on video by a surveillance camera outside a Kohl's department store in northern Indiana.

      Authorities said the mother had left the store angry because she was refused a cash refund for goods. The woman is then seen putting her daughter in the back seat of a sport utility vehicle, then pummeling, slapping and shaking her for nearly a half-minute.

      Toogood's attorney, Houston lawyer Steven Rosen, said Friday that his client regrets the incident.

      "It was a bad choice, and it was captured on Candid Camera," Rosen said Friday. "She's very remorseful. She regrets it."

      Authorities feared the girl, Martha Toogood, might have been seriously injured. Rosen said Toogood's family members and friends told him the child was fine and had been examined by a doctor. He said the girl was with her mother Friday night, along with her two sons, ages 5 and 6.

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        Originally posted by AutumnAngel:
        I saw this woman's attorney on TV tonight saying the child was not traumatized (yeah, right) or hurt in anyway.(yeah, right)

        What really chaps my *** is that if it was the woman who had been hit even once, that same lawyer would be claiming all kinds of psychological trauma and would be willing to justify murder. But since it's a child and the kid's not paying the bills it's "oh she's not hurt, she's fine
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          Anyone else notice that that silly b***h was driving a $45K Sequoia? Makes me wonder...
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            Yeah, I noticed that too. If you're familiar w/ The Travelers, it's not surprising. I'm more familiar with the Aiken / N. Augusta SC bunch, but I think they have clans in the Midwest and Texas as well. They're all home from their flim-flam operations since it's football season and their main religion is sports betting.


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              Gotta love the irony of that woman's last name.

              If Mrs. Toogood beats her kids, I wonder what Mrs. Toobad is like.

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                Originally posted by Groundhog:
                If you're familiar w/ The Travelers, it's not surprising.

                I really don't know anything about The Travelers, but am curious. Have they been around a long time? Are they gypsies, so to speak? Are they more common in certain geographical areas?


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                  I'm by no means an expert, but the Irish Travelers (also known as "Tinkers")are descendants of Irish who came to the US in the 19th century and migrated south. The group I am most familiar with is in an area known as Murphy Village in N. Augusta, SC. The Tinkers were sort of traveling tradesmen and craftsmen. Over the years, some of the group began to engage in criminal enterprises involving remodeling and construction scams. Many of these scams target the elderly, living alone on fixed incomes.

                  I should have prefaced all this by being politically correct and stating that all persons of Irish descent (as am I)are not crooks. [Wink] Indeed, not all the travelers are crooks, but many are. BTW, the incident Mitzi referred to involved the Murphy Village Travelers I think. You could probably do a Google search and find alot of news stories on their scams.

                  As far as the term "gypsy", this really just refers to their nomadic lifestyle. They are not Gypsies, as in the those who came from Romania and Eastern Europe.

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                    This link provides a concise description. Note the surnames.


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                      Thank you, Gh.


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                        Thank you so much for the link.


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