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Handicapped parking violators....


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  • Handicapped parking violators....

    These are one of MY pet peeves. Today, I gave one to a guy....and couldn't believe his attitude about it.

    I was patrolling a local shopping center parking lot, noted a vehicle in a 'Handicapped' parking space, sans the required permit/tag....and proceeded to write the ticket.

    I was ready to ask dispatch for the offender's DL info when the guy comes out, ignores me blocking his car and 'attempts' to back out. So...I hit my air horn.

    I go up to the guy and request his DL. HE wants to know what HE did. SO I point out the 'Handicapped ONLY' sign staring him in the face.

    'Oh', he fumes. So, I go back to my car with his DL, run it and finish the ticket.

    When I present the ticket to him to sign, he takes his time scrutinizing the narrative, signs it and wants to keep my pen.

    I get my pen back and he says 'This is just stupid. I can't believe you're giving me a ticket for this. There are plenty of empty parking places.'

    To which I reply, 'Exactly, sir. Have a nice day', handing him copy and walking back to my car.
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    I don't believe in preferential treatment for the handicapped. They want to be treated the same as everyone else is, and should be. People that can't talk properly, or at all, don't have government supplied speakers following them around to speak for them.


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      People have more fun than anybody.


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        Well if you don't think they want to be treated the same as everyone, ask one! I know because I have a handicap. Handicapped people don't want special treatment.


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          Being a jerk is considered a handicap? [Eek!]

          Just kidding Mike.
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            I was wonder what response I would get from that. I'll let you get away with that one. [Wink] However, I do have a handicap. No sympathy needed though.


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              Originally posted by Mike Tx:
              However, I do have a handicap. No sympathy needed though.

              Is that for the full 18 holes or just the front 9??

              Handicap violators are my peeve also... I write all violators I find. Because we can cross reference the permit numbers through NCIC/COLLECT we've been finding numerous misuses.
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                Mike, some people NEED them. I have a handicap also but I don't have a sticker. But my Dad with a bad heart needs one. So does my mother with her bad knees. I have a friend that can barely walk on her left leg but she got a handicapped sticker because it's so hard for her to walk. Soon, she will be in a wheelchair. There are those that NEED them, Mike. What's the matter? Are you having a bad day? (((MIKE)))
                And down here, it's 250$ fine if you are parked in a handicaped zone and don't have the papers to show you really have a handicap. Habdicapped people want to be treated the sawm. They want to have access to things we don't because of their handicapped. I don't think that's asking too much.

                [ 01-12-2003, 07:04 PM: Message edited by: Mitzi ]


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                  I feel for anyone with any handicap as their life is tougher. and those that dont want to use the spots dont have to. my father needed one as he got elderly and his rheumatoid arthritis progressed. he would have rather been like everyone else and not get special treatment. but he would have never been able to walk any distance to go into a store from a faraway parking spot. he was actually embarassed to have to use it

                  i think anyone who's not handicapped that parks in one, when a big sign is right in front of them, deserves a ticket. usually its just someone too lazy to walk, or look for another spot. then they probly pay to go to a gym to get a workout
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                    Way to go shooter. It burns me when I see an abled bodied person taking up that space.

                    So, some broken down old granny, should have to walk from the back of the parking lot, because you don't feel that she should get special treatment? If you are handicapped and don't want it because of your pride, then use the one in the back of the lot.


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                      I dont know Max, but I do know a law against parking somewhere is BS, unless it's a fire zone or something, just like a law to provide prescription medicine is BS. As far as old granny, she may need to park close, but she sure don't want special treatment. Heck, for all I know she needs the exercise! She probably just wants to be treated like everyone else, though. My old granny did, and she could barely walk. Of cousre it's just my opinion and since I don't know anything, it may be invalid. [Wink]

                      [ 01-12-2003, 07:31 PM: Message edited by: Mike Tx ]


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                        Handicapped spaces are also bigger than your standard space so that there is enough room to get a wheelchair out of your rig. I am sure that all this falls under zoning and building codes.


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                          Ok Max, but all I was saying, really, is that most handicapped don't want to be seen as different. The parking regulations are just another way to gain revenue.


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                            Here the H/C spaces are mandated. Depending on the size of the building there has to be "X" number of H/C parking spaces and of course the access points (doors, ramps, etc) into the building.
                            " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                              They won't gain revenue if people aren't too lazy not to park in handicapped spots (assuming they're not).


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