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  • Add this one to the Darwin Awards

    Man Tries To Steal Plate Off Police Car With Officer Inside

    (Arlington, Va.) - Attempting to steal license plates off a car with someone sitting inside it is pretty stupid, but trying to steal the plates off a police car with the officer sitting inside borders on the moronic. Arlington Police say that's precisely what DC resident Fernando Arraya was arrested for late Tuesday night.

    Two plain-clothes officers had parked their unmarked vehicles in a lot and were talking through their open windows when another car pulled into the lot and parked right next to one of the police cars. The driver then got out, took a quick look around, then walked to the front of one of the police cars and began unscrewing the plate.

    Arlington Police say Arraya was quickly arrested.

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    Are you sure that wasn't somebody's idea of a joke? It just doesn't seem possible that anybody could be that stupid.


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      I can believe it........we had someone trying to sell local SO plates on Ebay. Went on for about a month before it was nixxed. So yeah, I can believe some hairbag somewhere is that dumb. I have faith in my fellow man not to let me down. [Wink]
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