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  • PDA's

    For some time now, I've been seriously thinking about getting a PDA. The only thing that's been holding me back is cost.

    I know I can get a basic Palm Pilot for about $100, but I really want one that's powered by Microsoft Pocket PC. And that's the reason I've been holding out...they started at around $400.

    However, Dell has recently entered the PDA market, and has an entry level model priced at $249...not including the $50 mail-in rebate. I'm seriously thinking about getting this as a Christmas present to myself.

    I recently purchased Microsoft Office for my computer, and I'm hoping that by buying a Pocket PC PDA (as opposed to a "Palm" version) the two would integrate better. In addition to the schedule sync'ing abilities, it would be nice to have an updated address/phone book with me at all times. If the note-taking capabilities work well enough, I may take it out on the field with me, write my notes on it, and then download them into my work laptop. Which brings up the following questions:

    1. How well do these things take notes?
    2. Do any cops here find PDA's (both Palm and Pocket PC) helpful in the field?
    3. Are there software programs (either Palm or Pocket PC) written specifically for LE?

    While the "Inspector Gadget" side of me is saying "YES! YES! YES!", the accountant side of me is saying "Justify it."

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    There are stong camps of supporters on both sided of the Palm/PocketPC debate.

    I have used both and find the Pocket PC MUCH better for me.

    Most of the newer ones ship with Outlook 2002, a great program for your main PC.

    It integrates with Word and Excel out of the box, and depending on the unit you get they come with all kinds of other software.

    I have a book of Texas Laws on mine, See Click Here

    The note taker can take your own handwriting and leave it that way, or convert it to typed words...way cool.

    Of course they have Windows Media Player, so you can Play Mp3's or Window Media Music Files.

    There are programs for LE, See Here[ /URL]
    and [URL=]Here[ /URL]

    and [URL=]here

    TO get you started.

    I heard a rumor that Office Depot would have the Jornada 560 on in-store clearance starting this Friday for under $150.00, but any of the less expensive ones are great.

    With Street and Trips on your main PC you can put maps on Pocket Streets on your PDA, I mean VERY detailed maps with Points of interest included.

    I have the entire DFW area on my Ipaq, and it only takes about 4 MB.

    Also see these sites for good info on PDA's

    If you do it and need help setting up either post here, PM or email me. Same if you have any other questions.
    "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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      Aw man, I thought this thread was going to be about public displays of affection.

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        Originally posted by Oregon Mike:
        Aw man, I thought this thread was going to be about public displays of affection.


        hmmmm...i think we hit on that topic a few times in TLN thread (The Late Nighters)... i'll have to check the archives [Wink]
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          Thanks TX.

          I already have Outlook as part of Office, but if it does come with it I'll simply install it on my laptop, as it has the "Express" version.

          I didn't know about the ability to download maps...very handy for when I go out of town.

          I'm particularly interested in the note-taking capabilities, and its ability to convert to typed text. My problem is that unless I write on a firm, horizontal surface, my writing looks like crap. If I have to go back to my notes later, sometimes months later, I have trouble deciphering my own hieroglyphics. Plus, I'd like to be able to download the notes into my laptop, and eventually burn them to CD (perhaps on a monthly basis), rather than keep boxes and boxes of notepads.


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            The notes deal is very doable. If you leave the notes in freehand you will see them in freehand on the PC after you transfer them.

            You can also view photos on the PDA, and there are now cameras that slip into a CF slot. Take and/or view suspect photos, accidents and other incidents.

            There is a free Adobe Acrobat reader available also.
            "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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