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4th of July celebrations?


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  • 4th of July celebrations?

    Does anybody have big plans for the 4th ?

    For the last 11 years we have been having a fair sized get together. Usaully anywhere from 60-100 people, we usually cant tell how many till the people get here as anyone is invited.
    We'll pool up the fireworks and pop em off at dark. The dad's and the kids will light em off while the moms sit in lawn chairs watching while sipping iced tea and soda.We'll have ice down watermelon and 20 or so flavors of homemade ice dream. It's getten bigger and better everyyear. The fire works dispaly can be seen for a couple of miles.
    Great fellowship is had by all.

    Any body here having any celebrations ?

    Stay safe !
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    I usually go to my best friend's house for a bbq on the 4th, but I'm hanging home today. She's working today so no bbq.

    I've actually got too much to do before going back to work tomorrow, after being off for a week. I'm just chilling at home until I take the kids to see the fireworks, if they aren't cancelled due to rain. It's dreary here in the Philly area today.

    BTW Watchman,your plans for the 4th sound like a wonderful time. Hope you all enjoy. Stay safe.

    "There's no place like home."

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      That sounds really great Watchman. We don't have anything in the way of plans really. Wife is working today so I'll probably just do something on the grill when she gets home tonight.

      Fireworks of ALL types are against the law in Arizona except for professional displays. It's sooooo dry here right now, that I'm glad for this law!

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        Well, I got to see a lot of the fireworks from Detroit but I especially enjoyed how quiet it was here on while you were all out partying.... I got to take my time and enjoy some reading of threads!
        Especially Sparkys history lessons!!


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          I was on the pyrotechnics team for a professional show we put on. Lots of work!-Even more fun!
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            Sounds like what we'll have Friday night. Our church has a First Friday Supper every month. This last month we received a new preacher & he has not been to one of our supper's yet. So this month we planned a big 4th of July celebration (okay, maybe a little late, but...) with hamburgers & hotdogs, homemade ice cream, watermelon, volleyball, & fireworks when it gets dark. Should be fun & we'll get a chance to meet his family. Hope everybody else had a safe 4th of July!


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