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  • Count your blessings

    We just got back from taking David to the Mayo Clinic. Even tho he is ill, I always count my blessings when I am there. I see so many desperately ill people. I can be a real downer at times but one thing about these people is they always have smiles on their faces.
    I have met some really interesting people there. Some of them have such amazing backgrounds.
    But, do be sure to count your blessings. There are those who have it SO much worse then we could ever imagine.

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    Well...not to be nosy but did everything turn out as hoped for??? We were all pulling for you.

    And you're right about counting blessings.
    Just like the Bible story about the man that complained he had no shoes until he saw that man with no feet. Count your blessings. <><

    "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." General George S. Patton
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      What we were hoping for didn't happen. We had hoped they would say he could have the surgery with no risks and that he would be fine.
      This is a monumental decison to make therefore it is being done very slowly. I wish so much this had happened to me and not my son. He got the tumor when he was 14 and it's real hard to try to grow up with all the restictions of the condition he has. It really curbed his teenage years.
      He's 24 and this had to be his decison. I put my trust in God that he will let him know what the right decision for him is.
      If it were me, I'd go for the surgery. But that's me, not him. And I won't say this to him. He has to be comfortable with it.

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