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    Im hoping someone on this forum can help me out. My son has really been hoping for a new game system for Christmas. He currently has an N64. He wants a PS2. I went looking the other day and saw a PS2, X box, and Game Cube. The graphics on all three look real good. Especially compared to the Atari I grew up with.

    The prices on the PS2 and X Box were the same at $149.99 and the Game Cube came in a lot cheaper at $99.99.

    Can anybody tell me the pros and cons of each one. Which one is the better system and wont be considered "old" in two months. The one benefit I see with the PS2 is that it also can play DVDs.

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    I am not sure how old your son is, but Nintendo's GameCube is known for having more "kid-friendly" games. However, Xbox has more games available in total, and PS2 has more than that. Objectively, the Xbox is probably the best in terms of graphics, processing speed, etc., but many of the qualities are subjective. Personally, I'm a PS2 man myself, based on the quality of the controllers, number of games available and the spread of genres, and the DVD capability.
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      Xbox will play DVDs, but you need to buy the dvd remote

      personally, I would get the xbox as its essentially a mini computer. Has more processing power and hdd space than the other consoles. And some of the topnotch games, such as Deus Ex, Thief 3, Fable etc only come on xbox.

      If you want to get him the ps2, you might even consider this package:


      the online game FFXI plus a ps2 and a new hard drive.

      Depends if he's old enough to play an mmorpg, and if you wanna pay 12.95 per month :P


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        I am a PS2 person myself, I am sure that the XBox is a great system but I had the PS1 and just desided to go with Sony for my next system. The GameCube is a sorry system and has kid games, so I would go with the PS2 or Xbox, the extra money is will worth it when you think about the fact that a year down the road your son will probably what something else to replace the GameCube if he had it. Mario and zelda will only last so long....LOL.

        GameCube= low violence,good for small children, limited games to pick from.

        PS2= Unlimited game picks, DVD, more powerful system..has games in it that you are able to shoot cops...... ....just playin around.

        Xbox=Is right there with the PS2 as for as all that stuff goes.

        Good luck on your choice!!!
        Stay Safe!!


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          I have both, PS2 has more games and is a good, however if the same game comes out for Xbox I will always buy the Xbox version. The graphics are a bit better. I have some games that are the same for both systems and it is a noticable diff between the two.

          PS2 = more games good graphics.

          Xbox = a lot of games, better graphics.

          Good choice either way.


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            Well, I'm 17, not sure how old you're son is, but I'll try to help out as much possible.

            Starters, I wouldn't even look at the Gamecube, it's not real cool amongst the middle aged kids because a lot of it's games are targeted to the younger aged kids.

            The PS2 is a sweet system, and I don't think your kid would be dissapointed to get it, if hes interested in going online and playing though, I wouldn't really pursue this one. Some reason PS2's online system isn't quite up to par with Xbox's, they seem to have a lot of lagging problems with their servers.

            Xbox, this is the one I'd go for. It has the best looking games, has the best internet setup for it, and it's catching up to PS2 as far as "big hit" titles go, take for instance Halo 2 which was just released, first day sales were 20 million dollars, it made more money on it's first day than GTA made.

            Anyways, good luck, I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I know that Xbox 2 is supposed to be released fall of 2005, and PS3 shortly after that, so thats something to consider.


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              Re: Game Systems

              Originally posted by Traffic Dog
              He wants a PS2. Can anybody tell me the pros and cons of each one.
              Pros of the XBOX = That is what your kids wants.

              Cons of the PS2 = That is not what he asked for.

              Seriously though...your kid might have friends who have the PS2 and he would like to be able to play with them, borrow/lend games, etc.

              When it comes to game systems kids know what they want...


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                Ever want to discuss that our youth spends too much time with games like these ?????? No outdoor activity...... No interaction with reality ???????


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                  Here ya go:

                  PS2 is a good system... The only problem is that the system tends to have problems down the road. The graphics are good, but they could be better...

                  I currently have an xbox... my roommate and i went in on one together.

                  The X-box, as you know is made by microsoft. So the quality is there, and the graphics rock... Yes it plays dvds, but you do have to pay 30 bucks for the remote, but thats nothing.

                  Also, with PS2 you have to buy a memory card to store the saved games and files etc.. ON the X-box, there is a whole hard drive built into it.

                  One of the coolest parts I like about our x-box is that you can take an audio cd, and store it on the hard drive... Then if you play a good racing game, you can play that soundtrack instead of the sometimes dumb soundtracks from the games.

                  I definitely would not go with a gamecube... I almost killed my buddy a year and a half ago for buying one.... Its almost like those new systems that teaches your kid how to spell.... Very juvenile.

                  The ps2 again, is good, but you may have problems down the line, specifically with the port at which the visual and audio cables hook to the ps2... This cable port tends to ware and you get visual problems on the screen, such as you losing picutre often.

                  I personally care for the x-box very much. We dont' play it very much since we're away at school and have better things to do than sit on our gaming system.. But when we get to playing it, it definitely is much better than the PS2!!!



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                    Kids do spend too much time on video games, however I would rather have my children play games than set idle watching TV. At least there is some strategy to consider while playing. Your right though, hands down they should be outside breaking legs and arms like I did in my youth.

                    I think my wife says the same about me....."Why dont you go out side and finish working on the patio." I usually reply..."But Ive been trying to pass this level for days now!!! I think I have it this time." Then she gets ****ed and wont talk to me for hours. That gives me time to finish two or three more levels.


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                      i bought a ps2, the 1st ever game system i ever bought , i play for about a hour
                      before i go to work, the gym, court, and a long *** day
                      6 am to 11 pm prevents me from spending a fortune onthat stuff.

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                        I own both PS2 and X-box. There is no comparison. Xbox is simply better. The number of games is irrelevant as the quality of games goes to Xbox. The graphics are alot better on xbox too. And you don't need those stupid memory cards for Xbox. Get Xbox.

                        Oh, and my daughter is in cheerleading, swimming and soccer. She also does well in school and has friends. She can play video games anytime she wants.

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                          first of all, Bodie lighten up, video games are fun. second, the gamecube really is for smaller kids. 2 things to help you decide between ps2 and xbox...what system do his friends have, so trading and borrowing games is possible, and which system has the games he wants to play, both have many exclusive games.


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                            video games, esp. if online, can teach kids about teamwork and various other social skills.

                            in a typical gaming guild people really have to work together and use their brains

                            on the flip side, anoymous online gaming can allow immature individuals to act like complete asshats with little to no repercussions


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                              How old is he?
                              All of the systems have some big points in their favor.
                              Gamecube-Kid friendly, old school franchies (Mmmmmmmm. Metroid.), sweet graphics, and multiplayer capability out of the box.
                              PS2-HUGE game selection, plays DVDs, a nice confortable controller, plays PSOne games
                              X-Box-Nice selection of games, some GREAT exclusive titles (Fable, Halo, etc.), online capability out of the box, can be used as a boat anchor...

                              It really depends on the kid's age and what kind of games he's into.
                              Sports games-PS2, easily. EA is a company of gods.
                              RPGs-PS2. Two words-Final Fantasy
                              First Person Shooters-X-Box. One word. Halo.
                              Platformers-Gamecube (Mario) or PS2 (Sly Cooper)
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