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  • Obsessed

    I admit I was watching the Lifetime Original movie tonight.'Obsessed' starring Jenna Elfman. This character is a devasting portrait in human frailty. She palyed the part incredibly well, it gave me the willies. Quick synopsis, this man sues this woman for harassment, she all the while insits that he is denying an actual relationship that took place. The end is sort of shocking (I missed part of the begining)but I won't give it away. So much for Lifetime equals men bad, women oppressed. I'm not sure what this movie is saying about women but it aint good. Now I know most of you have taken an oath never to lay eyes on Lifetime television, but this one is worthwhile. Watch...Share your thoughts.

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    Ummm, I'll pass thanks

    Besides, there was already a good movie made about women stalking men: Fatal Attraction [Eek!]

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      Hmmm, Jenna Elfman, Hottie!

      If I happen to be around and my wife is watching it, I might have to look at Jenna a while.

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        I watched part of it/listened to most of it... I certainly didn't learn anything new to help me stalk people... LOL.... besides any 'good' stalker knows you don't call THAT much or send THAT many letters !!! [Wink] Stalking needs to be a subtle art... LOL .... (ok, have I scared anyone yet?)
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          LOL I knew it was you that is stalking me fastie. Now I will watch out for you a little more. LOL

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            you're right Klar..... see I'm following you .... hee hee .... LOL ....
            Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.


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              I was watching a little bit of the end but fell asleep. How did it end?
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