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  • This arrest sponsored by AAA Bail Bonds

    The Miami Herald
    Leonard Pitts Jr.
    Police-car ads are a new low

    .... Government Acquisitions LLC, a company in Charlotte, N.C., has come to the rescue with an extraordinary offer to donate cars to those departments. There's just one catch: The vehicles must be emblazoned, NASCAR-style, with advertising logos.

    This is too funny!

    Not a bad idea, maybe. I can imagine that lots of attorneys and bondsmen would pay top dollar for ad space in the back of the cage.

    Plus, you could do like the NASCAR guys do.. whenever the PIO is interviewed on TV, they can keep changing hats for the department sponsors.

    You can get bonuses by mentioning the sponsors, too.

    "I'd like to say that this search warrant was sponsored, in part, by Manny's Transmission at 4th and Main. Remember, if you got a shimmy in your tranny, call Manny!"


    "...can and will be used against you in a court of law.

    This Miranda warning was brought to you by Dewy, Cheatem, and Howe, Attorneys at Law.

    Do you understand these rights as I have explained them?"

    and the Hostage Negotiators could REALLY rack up!

    On the bullhorn with a berricaded gunman. Of course the whole neighborhood can hear you as you say...

    "Talk to me in there! Let our guys throw in a phone so we can talk! And by the way.. Remember to shop smart. Shop S-Mart! Everything's calm out here. We just need to talk... You know you can save money talking to family and friends by dialing down the center..."

    Really... I could get into this advertising thing!

    [ 11-22-2002, 05:36 PM: Message edited by: Sparky ]

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    Pitts is syndacated into our local paper, and normally I don't agree with very much that he says. This is an exception though, he seems right on.


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      I'd rather pay more taxes so that police departments can buy their cars outright rather then having to look at a banner ad for "Toys R Us" plastered across every Crown Victoria with a lightbar.


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        I'm picturing a Ward Burton-esque post chase interview on the local news...

        "This here Catuhpillah Ford was hooked up all day! The boys at the shop did a great job tuning it up and they gave me some awesome pit stops".

        Or the accident review board...

        "It was one of those racin' deals. I really hate it for our sponsors and fans, but we'll be back next week."

        Or Like Mike Waptrip...

        "The NAPA Auto, Ritz Cracker, Coca-Cola, Klaussner Furniture, Aaron's Dream Machine Chevy was great, but we didn't quite have enough in the end"

        Or Tony Stewart...

        "**** ****** Home Depot ******* ******* Head and Neck restraints ******** *** *** ***** photographers ****** ***** !"


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