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  • Disabled Consumers....

    One thing that I have always wanted to tell all of you is how much I respect the fact alot of officers place their life and all their limbs on the line everyday. Alittle while ago I talked to a former cop who was now disabled. And I felt everyone should know of this site, since it can make a real difference in a disabled person's life. People like him deserve it.

    I have met the owner, and my mother is working for the site aswell. So let me tell you what it does...

    The site is designed to help out the disabled community by informing them of places that are as they say it "100% Barrier Free". Which means, they have handicap parking, the enterance is on ground level. And many other things to make the disabled person's life easier, and in some cases, more enjoyable.

    With how large the community of disabled people has become (30% or so of Americans are disabled) this is a great site to know of. Since almost everyone knows someone who is disabled.

    Just check out the site. I think anyone here who is disabled deserves to have such a system to help make their lives just that much different. It doesnt matter what type of disability you have, this can help.

    The site is still rather new and the company is still trying to find places that are "100% Barrier Free", but within the next few years they should have alot more to offer as they get more and more famous.
    I am not advertising the site. I just feel everyone here should know about the site.

    If the Moderators do not like this thread, feel free to close it. But I just wanted my good friends to know.

    [ 11-22-2002, 05:26 PM: Message edited by: ToledoExplorer05 ]
    It is easy to be critical when you are not the one who is forced to reacted in seconds.

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    You didn't post a link to the site!


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