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  • A Cops Story

    I represent every officer in every city and town all over Canada and the U.S.A.

    You may know me as the cop who gave you the ticket last summer, but I am also the guy who lives down the street from you. Someday I will be a parent, and I will share the same hopes, ambitions, and dreams that you now have for your children. Or maybe I already am. I will also share with you the feelings of shame, guilt and disappointment when my boy or girl gets into trouble.

    The scene is a long stretch of highway with a sharp curve at one end. It has been raining, and the road is slick. A car traveling in excess of 75 mph misses the curve and plows into an embankment where it becomes airborne and strikes a tree. At this point, two of the three young passengers are hurled from the vehicle, one into the tree, the other into the roadway where the car lands on him, snuffing his life out like a discarded cigarette on the asphalt. He is the lucky one.

    The girl thrown into the tree has her neck broken, and even though she was voted queen of the senior prom and most likely to succeed, she will now spend the next 60 years in a wheelchair.

    When I arrive, the car has come to rest on its top, the broken wheels have stopped spinning. Smoke and steam pour out of the engine. An eerie calm has now settled over the scene, and it appears deserted except for one lone traveler who called it in. He is sick to his stomach and leaning on the patrol car for support.

    The driver is conscious, but is in shock and unable to free himself from under the bent steering wheel. His face will be scarred by the deep cuts from the broken glass. These cuts will heal but the inside won't. The third passenger has almost stopped bleeding from an artery in his arm, cut by the broken bone end protruding from his forearm just below the elbow. His breath comes in gasps as he tries desperately to suck air past his blood-filled airway.

    He is unable to speak and his eyes bulge and fix on me pleadingly, as his only means of communication, telling me that he is terrified and wants me to help. I feel a pang of guilt and recognize him as the boy I let off with a warning the other night for an open container of alcohol in his car. Maybe if I had cited him then he wouldn't be here now. Who knows? I don't.

    He dies soundlessly in my arms, his pale blue eyes staring vacantly as if trying to see the future that he will never have.

    I am sick with anger and frustration with parents and leaders who think a little bit of alcohol won't hurt anything. I am filled with contempt for people who propose lowering the drinking age because "they will get booze anyway, so why not make it legal?" I am frustrated with laws; court rulings and other legal maneuverings that restrict my ability to do my job in preventing this kind of tragedy...

    The ambulance begins the job of scraping up and removing the dead and injured. I stand by as hot tears mingle with rain and drip down my cheeks. I would give anything to know who furnished those young people with that alcohol.

    Yes, I am angry; and sick at heart with trying to do my job and being tagged the bad guy. I pray to God that I might have to never face another parent in the middle of the night and say your young son or daughter has been killed in a car accident. You ask me how this happened? It happened because a young person stoned out of his mind couldn't handle two tons of hurtling death at 75 miles an hour. It happened because an adult, trying to be a good guy, bought for or sold to some minor, a case of beer. It happened because you as a parent were not concerned about minors and alcohol abuse and would rather blame me for harassing them when I was only trying to prevent this kind of tragedy.

    originally taken from Emma-Lynes, by Emma Cannady/The Coastland Times, June 24, 2001

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    Hi, my name is Bacon and I'm a doper and a troll. I don't much like cops, but it's ok, as I'll be leaving the forum soon. Of course I can always re-register as someone else again, but I'll just be deleted again!

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      Well bacon, seems to me you are the one who is messed up. Maybe you should go out scrape us off the pavement for a while. The problem with these sorts of things is that politicians are bought off with big money to continue to allow lax penaltys for drinking and driving. To me, killing someone with a car after you're drunk is just as bad as taking a rifle and shooting them. Only it's probably more painful.


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        He's a tttrrrroooolllllllllllll.


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          You're outta here Bacon.



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            I'm quite sure that the debate on the drinking age will rage on for many years as will the legalization of some controlled substances. This article was not written to represent every cop, but I sure every cop can fully relate to the emotional stress it represents.

            Bacon my arrogant friend...I wish you could have seen some of the tragic accidents, shootings,unreal crimes against humanity that I and other cops have seen. I sure you would not be so quick to refer to those that show a tear of human compassion or show any emotion of saddness a "major wuss or messed up."

            No you sit back and see the abreviated and sterilized news versions and get your distorted opinions fed to you by your liberal minded friends.

            I think the writer had an agenda to express which was underage drinking. I think it was done quite well. I pray you never have an occassion to wuss out by the loss of someone close to you becuase of alcohol abuse regardless of the age of the offender.

            "We herd sheep, we drive cattle, we lead people. Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way." General George S. Patton
            "The view only changes for the lead dog." ~ Sergeant Preston of The Yukon ~


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              If this is how you have fun, pig-boy, keep it up. There are plenty of us around. Better yet, jackass, go find the first LEO you come in contact with and tell your idle, shallow thoughts. Maybe he'll help you count your teeth(or should that be tooth?)-Lawdog

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                GO AWAY !

                (and by the way Police officers are out there CATCHING REAL CRIMINALS just like those people who do drugs. They are real criminals and they will be treated as such.)

                You're a troll now go away.

                In regard to the topic I will post a reply when this "thing" has gone

                "Never under-estimate the power of thick people in large groups"


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                  So Bacon, now that you have managed to prove what a total idiot you really are, please clue us into how you propose we fight the war on drugs, and I dont want some stupid answer about getting cops out of the local Dunkin Donuts. I want a real answer, one that actually requires you to use the two brain cells that you have left that havent been saturated in Budweiser.

                  While your at it could you make a rational argument for lowering the drinking age to allow a 15 year old like yourself to buy alcohol, without increasing the number of deaths associated with teen drinking and driving. I'm looking forward to hearing your response.

                  [email protected]


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                    I think she's got a crush on me.

                    And I can't agree more that we can't all be 'protected' and the police can't protect us, but that's not the police's fault. That's the fault of the leftist meida and trial lawyers who put forth the fantasy that all we have to have to be safe is a cell phone, and just give the rapist what he wants and he'll just go away.

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                      [QUOTE]Originally posted by mac90:
                      I think she's got a crush on me.

                      Gee Mac... LOL!.. I'm almost sorry I have to go now!


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                        Please start a troll section where all the bacons can be banished forever so we can still read their posts and enjoy their limited intelligence. It just isn't fun coming into a thread and missing out on troll gibberish because the mods have erased it.


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                          Naw, I just say we find out who they are and flog them.


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                            Tcsd is right. These trolls are the funniest reading I get to enjoy in my spare time. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of bacon boy

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