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or, how do i live this one down.


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  • or, how do i live this one down.

    I'm having one of those weeks. First, I got the invitation letter to go visit the IAB detectives. I believe this one entitles me to a coffee cup. that or a toaster. As if that wasn't bad enough, I'm leaving a guys house this evening and I run over and kill the family dog inthe driveway; in front of the kids.

    I'm going to go dig a hole somewhere and bury my head and maybe my life will go away while I'mgone.

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    Oops. Not much else you can say about running over the family dog. You can probably count on another IAD number for that.

    I got to visit with IAD the first of October. The dust finally settled the end of October. I think a visit to the proctologist would be more fun.

    Anyways, you have my sympathy.
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      Eeek. Sorry to hear about that. I remember one time, I hit a possum while running balls to the wall to a call. Not really relevant, but your post made me think of it.

      You also have my sympathy.


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        I FEEL YOUR PAIN.... although I wasnt the subject of an IA investigation I had to give a statement.. and I felt like crap doing it. I decided.. its their *** or mine and I wasnt gonna lie. Fortunately after the interview the investigator said to me "I believe you".. THANK GOD.

        The truth was the only thing that saved my ***, but I still felt bad for the subject of the investigation. I felt like I was ruining her career, then again its a dog eat dog world and I was just a puppy who survived the depths of hell that week. Good luck.
        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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          Awww, you killed your dog?! I once accidentally ran over the family cat (my mom's fav) and I felt so horrible. To this day, I feel sick over it. Hopefully your kids will recover from it.

          My beautiful cat Sasha died last year from an intestinal problem. One thing that helped me was volunteering at a local animal shelter (no-kill of course). My baby died in August of last year and I've been at the shelter ever since. I couldn't help my cat, but now I can help a lot of other cats and dogs. Perhaps doing something like this will help your kids and the shelters could sure use the help.

          [ 11-22-2002, 09:06 AM: Message edited by: RachelR ]
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            My Mom was visiting her niece's family & backed out over their pet goose. I think they wound up eating it though so it couldn't have been that much a loss. Sorry to hear about the dog.


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              Too bad you were running to a hot call and didn't have time to retrieve it!

              Possum...tho other white meat


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                Oh, DR, I am SO sorry. I hope all goes well at IA.
                We had neighbors that moved and abandoned their cat. My H took care of that cat like he was a baby. But we couldn't let him in our house because our other cat woudn't acept him. He took care of him, even making a little bed for him, for 12 years. And you guessed it...he ran over him an killed him.
                I know you mucst feel like a lump of dirt right now but, unfortunately, these things happen. Try not to blame yourself.
                Gos sure has given you a lot to handle these last few years. But it only makes yous tronger...eventually.


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