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This should be a requirement for anyone in LE!


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  • This should be a requirement for anyone in LE!

    i just got back from the microsoft presentation of windows XP for the tablet PC. WOW! [Eek!]

    i have got to get one. it allows you to scan in forms and handwrite them on the tablet just like you would handwrite a form, but it will convert the handwriting to regular text on the form. it allows for notetaking where you can actually search through your handwritten notes. this would make accident reports so easy. just fill it all out in the field then print it out when you get in. no more thumbing through my notebook.

    the pen, not a stylus, works just like a regular pencil. if you make a mistake, you scribble it out or turn the pen over and erase it. the screen isn't like a touchscreen where the cursor moves with every touch; you actually have to have the pen to use it. they said the pens are inexpensive to replace and most tablet PCs will come with 3 or more.

    you can circle a part of a web page and copy and paste just that portion into a note or a email, or whatever program you're using. it's completely compatible with word, excel, etc.

    i've looked into the municipal lease programs. i'm going to have to find out about getting one. this would make life 1,000 times easier.

    something else i couldn't believe. the tablet PCs used a wireless VGA monitor. [Eek!]

    full support of 802.11b and is ready for a. compatible with blue tooth. several makers were there including acer, hp, toshiba, and fujitsu. some of the models incorporate a keyboard that folds neatly into the back to make like a tablet, or you can spin the monitor and use it like a regular notebook. most of them weigh at or under 3 lbs. it also incorporates a virtual keyboard if you prefer not to use the one built in or if it doesn't come with one.


    i will be in the chief's office tomorrow begging and pleading for one.

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    That is cool, sure would make things easier.


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      Oh Yeah!!! Saw one of these at CompUSA the other day.

      I can't wait to get one of these.
      "Speed is fine, but accuracy is final"--Bill Jordan


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        What happens when it gets wet?

        My old forms holder has been dropped, run over, and even punched and used to smack evildoers upside the noggin.

        It still works and I haven't ever had to upgrade or buy it batteries.


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          Originally posted by Sparky:
          What happens when it gets wet?

          toshiba said they are working on several models that will be extremely durable depending on your application.

          i would take this over paper notes anyday.


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            When they can make a computer as reliable as a car, I will be happy. Until then, I just dont trust them!


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              I know I'm going to come across as a curmudgeon here. So sue me; you wouldn't be the first.

              My dad has one of those PDAs and is constantly going on about how this thing is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Last Xmas, he was visiting my house and he saw my wife writing something in her daybook. He went on and on about how she should really get a PDA, it would make things so much easier for her, etc., etc.

              She says, "I was just writing down a reminder to give you that phone number you were asking for. Why don't I just give it to you now?"

              He responds, "Give it to me later -- I don't have anything to write it down on."

              She says, ripping a page from her daybook and handing it to him, "Let's see your PDA do that." Chalk one up for the Mrs.!

              I'm no technophobe, but I'd need to see these things work pretty reliably before ponying up for one myself.
              Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                i have an evaluation unit on the way. i'll give out my results soon.


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                  If it's Microsoft beware of the Blue Screen of Death. I'll be impressed with the Linux version.
                  I intend to go in harm's way. -John Paul Jones


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