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Swearing at the POLICE...


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  • Swearing at the POLICE...

    Here's a link that says the Federal Appeals Court says that it is not against the law to swear at cops.

    I'm reasonbly sure that anyone that has been on duty awhile has been sworn at at one time or another.

    What do you think of this decision ?

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    Something regarding this topic happened in my county this past week.

    A man in a BMW swore at a C.H.P officer as he drove by; miffed the C.H.P officers pursued the man, but the driver of the BMW didn't stop. Eventually the Sheriff and several local agencies got involved in the chase; and finally pulled the man over.

    When ordered to exit the car at gun point, the guy had the gall to grab a very young child, and approach the officers ignoring their warnings...

    Though it was finally decided that charges couldn't be pressed because people are allowed by law to swear at police, for no other reason then that they are the police. (seems like that could be some how construed as a threat.).
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      I have known people can't seem to carry on a conversation without swearing but that guy sounds like he has a special kind of mental problem.

      And where did you come up with a user name like Thoroughly Incompetent?


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        By way of clarification, that last sentence may not have sounded the way I meant it. It had no connection with the first paragraph.


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          And I just gave a guy a ticket the other day for Disorderly conduct for that...


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            I wonderhow the judges would feel about someone using profanity directed at them? I wonder if they would rule the same way?



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              Funny how that works isn't it.........swear at me and it's free speech, swear at the judge and it's contempt.


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                This one is a toughie. I like the posts
                Niteshift and retired brought up.

                In my case, a cop is just going to have
                to be unusually mean and nasty before
                I would resort to swearing at one. I just
                don't believe in that. Unfortunately,
                many people are not brought up with

                I feel if judges are ruling that it is
                okay to swear at a peace officer, then
                it should also be legal to swear at judges.
                What is good for the goose should be good
                for the gander as well.


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                  Although it might not be looked at as a crime, sometimes it still bites you in the butt.

                  Our judge at traffic court usually gives us the chance to work into the trial what the guy said to us. And, if the guy was a jerk, the fine can go up a bit. One time, the judge asked me if the defendant said anything at the scene I found note-worthy. Not wanting to swear in his courtroom, I just handed him my copy (which has room for notes) and the judge could read that the guy called me a d#ckhead 17 times, then dared me to do something about it.

                  $500 for following too closely...........


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                    I remember a court case in which a magistrate found the offender "not guilty" of offensive language when telling a police officer to "get f**ked". The magistrate determined that the word "f**k" was not offensive. After the case had been completed, the magistrate turned to the police prosecutor and asked him if there were any further cases to be heard. The police prosecutor replied, "F**k no, your worship." Nothing was said.
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                      Something similar happened here Artie. An officer had arrested someone for cursing and disorderly conduct. Under Maryland law, one form of Disorderly Conduct is cursing in public so the officer had this guy in for swearing at him. The judge based his decision on the fact that under Maryland law a "police officer's peace can not be disturbed and found the guy not guilty. As the officer walked out of court he said "**** you too your honor". Everyone in court found it hilarious except the judge who kinda squirmed on the bench. Nothing he could do after that ruling.
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                        Over here we have Breach of the Peace, which is basically conducting your self in a disorderly manner to the alarm or annoyance of the leiges. Cops are leiges, so if you shout and swear at me anywhere including your own home I can lock you up. Great isn't it.

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                          What about the old 1 finger solute? I get that as they drive by all the time. Wish they would wave with all thier fingers!


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                            ROFL Metro and Artie
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                              Posted by MacLeod:
                              Over here we have Breach of the Peace, which is basically conducting your self in a disorderly manner to the alarm or annoyance of the leiges. Cops are leiges, so if you shout and swear at me anywhere including your own home I can lock you up. Great isn't it.
                              Truly you live in a great country!!!


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