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  • Jury Duty!

    It never fails. Here I am, dealing with my H's soon to be foot surgery and my son's soon to be brain surgery and I get called for jury duty! lol
    Actually, I think it might be pretty interesting. I've talked to some who liked it and some who didn't.
    I won't try to get out of it unless my son is scheduled for brain surgery at that time. I'm not sure they will even accept that. He does live with us and I will be taking care of both of them during these surgeries. I was called for November 13. My husband has his foot surgery November 7 and won't be able to drive for several weeks. My son's brain surgery may be after my jury duty, I hope.
    Oh well! I don't mind going but I am concerned about the scheduling of all this.

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    You might try calling to ask for a postponement. They did that once for me and I was just going on vacation.

    Good luck.


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      Tell them you are a regular on Officer.com, and from your communications with LEOs and your interactions, that you know BEYOND A DOUBT that EVERYONE charged by LE is GUILTY.

      Also tell them you believe in the right to a speedy trial-that a trial should last no more than ten minutes, and the hanging can be AFTER lunch.

      That ought to take care of it for you.
      People have more fun than anybody.


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        @ Dave
        No partner is worth your tears -
        the one that is won't make you cry. - Anonymous

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          I just told them I knew SgtDave and they understood. lol


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            i used to work as a Deputy Clerk at a courthouse and, at least in the town i was in, it really didn't take much to get your jury duty postponed. we postponed one day b/c a woman was breastfeeding her baby and she said that the baby WOULD NOT drink from a bottle. no problemo...postpone until a later date. all you had to do in that town was call the courthouse (number should be on your summons), ask for your jury duty to be postponed, provide a valid reason, and give your juror number (also should be on your summons)...the clerk submits the paperwork and all is taken care of.


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              I'm going to wait until this Wednesday to see if David is having his brain surgery. Id so, then I will call them. If not, will go to jury duty if they need me. Often, the case is cancelled.


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