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I'm sick of my Job!


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  • I'm sick of my Job!

    Ahhhhhgggg! I'm getting frustrated with my job, I've only been here about 5 months. I'm a part time police officer and I work full time in risk management. The latter of the two is the one I'm getting sick of. The job is extremly demanding and the learning process is VERY long. Eventhough I'm still learning the job, I have the same responsiblities as those that have been in this same position for years. I guess I'm basically just ranting, but my heart is just not in this job. I'm basically working here so that I can save to go to school full time in a year or so (continue to work police work p/t) I feel almost guiltly complaining, people would envy my job.. I get to travel, get paid extremely well (not bragging, just making a point) but it's not always about the money... I can't quite though... that will screw up my plans for furthering my education... I guess I'll just grin and bear it huh? *end of rant*

    By the way, I do really enjoy being a cop. I haven't been doing that long ... but I know LE is my passion... it makes my day at job A. go faster when I know I'll be going to my second job that night. *sigh* life!

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    Try teaching(TRYing to, at least!) for 18 years. With all the Federal red tape and hoops we(teachers) must jump through these days, it's...frustrating, to say the least.

    For example: I have a new student(5th grader) that canNOT read. He can't even tell me the names of his parents(does he have any?). I'm told he has an IQ of '83', and therefore doesn't qualify for CDC. I am expected to highlite his textbook, reduce his workload and read his lessons to him. Did I mention that I have 134 OTHER students...?

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      What exactly does "risk management" entail Summer?
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        A question about finacing school, do either of your employers provide tuition refund? Even with a busy schedule, you could take internet classes get the education thing going and let them pay for it.

        My job really sucks sometimes, but my dept. has paid for my bachelor's degree and they are now paying for a master's degree. That takes some of the pain and suffering away. Let them pay for your education and then go find something that you like to do.


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          Summer Rain,

          I feel for you, but at least you know that you are working for something on down the road. That should make it a littleeasier to put up with for a while.

          Just think about all the folks who are working jobs that they hate, but they either are flatly unable to make a change (for whatever reason) or they just don't have the gonads to do it!

          You can put up with almost anything for a period of time, if you know you are headed for what you want in the end!

          Good luck!
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            Dawgguy: You're right. I will look into that, today as a matter of fact. I truley never explored that idea. Thanks!

            Raychel: The company I work for provides property insurance for large corporations globally. It's a great company, treat their employees very good and it's the #1 company in this industry in the world. We had a HUGE # of claims due to the Sept 11 attacks.

            Thanks guys, and Don, you're right... I'm trying to think positivly that way.


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              I can truly feel for you. I've been working a job for almost 11 years and it's really taken a toll on my psyche. But it wouldn't be fair to my family to walk away from a high-income position to pursue something else (besides, who knows if, once I try it, "something else" will make me any happier). I decided to attend recruit school and am about 2 months in. If I continue to enjoy it as much as I have, a part-time gig as a police officer on weekends would be next. If I continue to enjoy it, then I might consider taking the big plunge (and the big cut in pay). But that's way down the line. I know what you mean about the days going faster -- on Tuesdays and Thursdays (when I have night school), I spend all day looking forward to school. It was never like this in high school or college.
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