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Only those medically fit can go to college in China


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  • Only those medically fit can go to college in China

    Today I was reading an article that said that in order to attend university in China next term students will have to pass medical suitability and physical fitness examinations.

    Teenagers whose legs differ in length by more then 2 inches or whose spine is curved by 1 and a half inches will be disbarred from courses in geology, law and civil engineering.

    You cannot take business administration if you are colourbind.

    You cannot enroll at all if you have epilepsy, high blood pressure, a mental disorder or have been diagnosed with cancer.

    This is being done to "engineer" a stronger, healthier population.

    Where is the International Human Rights in this situation?????? Any college/university admission restrictions in your areas that you believe are inappropriate??

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    WW, come on, this is the same country that is having a "fire" sale on drug convicts, drove over protesters with tanks and generally gets tolerated in the business world because they represent an almost-untapped retail market. How else would you expect them to deal with their students?
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      So true!!!! But hey Pete, I'm just trying to give you an alternative option to express your wisdom, knowledge, frustration, etceteras..


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        In studying Chinese for a number of years, I was not surprised to find out that the phrase 'human rights' are not able to be translated from English to Chinese. (No, I did not really study Chinese)

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          Of course I don't support this practice, but it is important to remember that education is a greater reality here than in some other countries. Perhaps this is the way that the Chinese are addressing their resources effeciently. Those who would likely live longer lives may be viewed as a greater investment risk. After all, education is an investment risk and plays a tremendous role in the economy.
          I would not say it is fair to prevent people from academic study. Success academically does not usually lie in physical capabilities, but intellect. Many persons with disablilites can and do actively participate in the function of society. Many excel in their respective fields.


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