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A Thanksgiving/Christmas Law


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  • A Thanksgiving/Christmas Law

    Were I dictator, I would pass a law.

    No public advertisement hawking the Christmas season until the day after Thanksgiving.

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    I second that.. My town put up Christmas lights in the historic downtown area a week before Halloween!!
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      Amen to that!!!


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          Dictators dont "pass" laws.

          They just write them up and make them happen as they please...

          Thats the beauty of being a dictator.. [Eek!]
          "The American People will never knowingly adopt Socialism. Under the name of "liberalism" they will adopt every segment of the socialist program,until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened."

          Norman Thomas


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            Whatever. The law would be the law -- display a Christmas ad before Thanksgiving (or, on Thanksgiving), and you'd be taken into the street and force-marched naked down I-95.


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              I don't know dude. In situations like these, I always ask myself, "What would Sparky do?"


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                I agree with this one. [Wink]
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                  Good idea...

                  But yes... what would Sparky do???????

                  [ 11-21-2002, 11:16 AM: Message edited by: Piper ]


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                    Sorry to go against the grain here,( yeah right )
                    My theory on the holiday season:

                    Thanksgiving is a day where we all sit down to a big fancy meal and load up on carbs., protien, and other energy producing substances. After we eat, we drink,alot! As we watch football.( Patriots 38 Lions 14, just my prediction for this upcoming thursday )

                    O.k. back to my theory;
                    We eat till or belts snap, only to provide the strength and energy needed to go shopping at 4:am Friday morning through December 24th 23:00!
                    Between this time we are to busy
                    1) getting paper cut from cheap *** wrapping paperthat we bought at the last moment, forgetting about the 15 roles we bought at the after christmas sale last year.

                    2) getting zero nurtients from the big Mac we get between the crowds at Wl-mart and the a-hole blocking traffic because he didn't secure the tree securely to his GEO.

                    3)having our tongue dried as a prune from licking enevlopes to people we haven't talked to in years, but insist in sending us those "cute" x-mas photo-cards of their family.

                    4)trying to find where the burnt bulb, that is causing the other 100 lights not to shine,is on the tree after its all decorated.

                    5) trying to find a hotel room for the in-laws, who decieded at the last minute that they "must see the grand kids"

                    6) trying to find the hotest toy the the kids really really want. Then 2 minutes after opening it they don't want it any more

                    Then its Christmas day. A day to relax,
                    Relax running from house to house. eating a little here and a little there. manly veggie and dip or chocolate candy.

                    After christmas you are too busy trying to return/exchange gifts that you got and wished you didn't! [Eek!]
                    Then its New year eve.
                    After you sober up on the Jan 3rd you can resume your regular eating habits.

                    So basically, we have thanksgiving to enjoy one last good meal for the next month.
                    Happy Holidays everyone!


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                      I'm not advocating banning the holidays.

                      I'm advocating not hawking one holiday before the one has even happened. I saw a cartoon many years ago ... it's a calendar. It starts off with November 1st, and there are a lot of smiling Santas. Then there's a smiling Turkey. Then there are a lot more smiling Santas.


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                        Why do you hate Santa Crazy? Were you a bad boy?

                        As a side note, I wonder if the PETA morons start going nuts worrying about all those poor turkeys this time of year?


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                          I posted this once before, but thought it was worth posting here again

                          One day a lady walked in to a tatto palor. She asked the guy if she could get a turkey tattooed on her right inner thigh. Then she asked for a tatto of a christmas tree on her left inner thigh.

                          The tatto artist asked why a turkey and a christmas tree?

                          She replied,"Every year my husband complains that there's never anything good to eat between Thanksgiving and Christmas."


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                            Why do you hate Santa Crazy?
                            I don't hate Santa. I only hate Santa if he pops his nose into commercials before Thanksgiving.


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                              Well, I'll lay my cards out: I hate Christmas. The reasons are clearly seen on TV, and in the mindless crush of people spending money they can't afford to spend on overpriced toys and crap.

                              American media has created, with the willing help of business, and the blissful acceptance of consumers, a market designed to increase sales of items not otherwise useful.

                              The original idea of Christmas has been long forgotten. For those few who try to carry on the Christmas traditions, well, they get hit with lawsuits by the morons of the left.

                              Jim Burnes


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